Before I came to live here, I was found lost and alone roaming on a patch of waste land. I was so frightened, I shook and galloped off if I saw any humans approaching. After all, they had never been kind to me and I was sure they would hurt me, so why would I want to be friends?

After I was taken somewhere safe by a kind lady I was going to be put back out on the streets again because all the other horses were mean to me- I was a stallion and that made fights happen.

Lucky for me, Hope Pastures were called and came to help. I went to live in a foster home until I was castrated and started to learn that not all humans are scary. I lived on an organic fruit and vegetable farm- I liked my holiday there, there was ­­­­always tasty treats around!

I have had a couple of nice homes since then where I have been happy, but I am still absolutely terrified of vets and farriers, dentists, strangers: well, most people and most things!

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The lovely coloured pony who is still learning to trust.