We believe each and every equine
deserves a life worth living.

Welfare number: 0783 192 8980
Office number: 0113 261 4344

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What We Do

We are an equine and welfare charity in north Leeds whose aim is to rescue, rehabilitate, re-home or offer residency to horses, ponies and donkeys who may otherwise end up neglected, or are already suffering from neglect.  What we do is offer help and support to equines in the community, and monitor the living conditions and situations of animals that give cause for concern. Often, animals who are taken in by us are heading on a downward spiral in their lives and desperately need intervention before things get worse for them. 

Rescue & Welfare

Foal standing in mud

Our centre is run by a small team of skilled and experienced staff and supported by a dedicated group of valued volunteers. Our qualified and experienced welfare staff are trained to assess animals in the community who are ‘at risk’.  This can be horses with untreated health issues, ones living in unsuitable environments, those whose owners lack the finances and experience to provide proper care for their animals, owners who have passed away or those who are likely to end up ultimately being passed around from dealer to dealer, from home to home, their lives becoming worse by the week. 


Pony being trained

We have set up our site especially to benefit any equines who stay with us by enriching their environment with edible medicinal hedgerows, setting up a grazing system which allows the grass to grow naturally and stay in good condition, and setting up hard-standing areas to prevent mud and the related health and welfare conditions it can bring. 

All our horses, ponies and donkeys are kept in as natural conditions as possible, always allowing them the important ‘3 F’s. Friends, Forage and Freedom.

Animals with behavioural problems come to us to receive kind, ethical training and various therapies.  In order to meet the needs of the animals in our care and get them back to good health and happiness, we use the skills of physiotherapists, massage and bodyworkers, equine dentists, vets, farriers and nutritionists.


Pony being ridden

Ideally then they will be placed in forever ‘loan’ homes where they will receive the one-to-one attention and interaction which is so beneficial from a private home. 

We regularly check in on them, receive updates and are always offering help and advice when needed. If for any reason the loan fails, we are always on hand to accept the animal back into our care to ensure their future is safeguarded.

If for any reason, usually physical, behavioural or health reasons, the animal can not be rehomed then they will live with us on site for the rest of their days and receive all the care and attention they need.


Children grooming a pony

We work also within the community, welcoming visitors on-site and sharing the healing and therapeutic benefits of being around equines.

We provide as much education as possible, with information boards placed around our site about equine care and welfare, sharing information on social media and in the community speaking to horse owners and helping them make changes to improve their horses’ lives.