Rescuing and re-homing equines since 1974

Organisations Who Help Us

We have some very generous organisations who donate money, time and/or goods to the sanctuary. We’d like to thank them all, since their support means we’re able to rescue more animals:


Thank you to Petplan Charitable Trust for a grant of £8,000 to enable us to improve the lives and futures of many more equines.

Design & Graphic

Thank you for printing our receipt books and other items free of charge

Emerald Foundation
for their generous donations every year

Hobs Reprographics

Thank you for printing the bulk of our promotional material for more than 15 years!

Midlands Matting

Thank you for donating rubber matting for 2 of our stables.

R&R Country

Thank you for ongoing sponsorship across a variety of activities.

Santander Bank

Thank you for helping with the sanctuary maintenance through corporate volunteering.

Pet Animal Care Network

Thank you for giving us support with their animal management software system, PATCH

EA Equi-Rugwash

Thank you for donating washed uncollected rugs and horse equipment, plus cleaning those donated by their customers and bringing them to us. 


Thank you for supplying discounted supplements and donating a very useful ‘industrial quality’ gazebo

Horse & Hen

Thank you for ongoing donations of feed and equestrian items.

Support Adoption for Pets

Thank you for purchasing our horsebox in 2014 and for payments towards vet’s fees in 2015, 2017 and 2019.

Water Hygiene Services

Thank you for ongoing sponsorship. 

British Horse Feeds

Thank you for supplying us with a year’s supply of Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet for our rescues


Thank you for supplying print for our promotional items.

Horseware Ireland

for supplying free rugs for our equines.

Pure Feeds

Thank you for discounting essential feed and for supplying goods with which we can raise money.

Wetherby Skip Service 

Thank you  for ongoing support and help with affording skips when we have to remove rubbish. 

Yorkshire Building Society

Thank you for helping with the sanctuary maintenance through corporate volunteering.

Weetwood Ward Councillors

Thank you for new security systems on site at the sanctuary.

Connection Training

Thank you for providing free positive, reward-based training for our team and our animals.

Elise Pilkington Trust

Thank you for providing funds to cover half the costs of a new quarantine yard

Graham Gawthorpe

for supplying Pony Days’ pictures for more than 12 years!

Magpie Greetings

for donations of items and cards for us to sell for the past 12 years!

Queencraft Candles

Thank you for supporting us with a percentage of their sales in 2018 and 2019.

Ripon Pet Supplies

Thank you for ongoing donations of feed and equestrian items.

Toggi and Champion

Thank you  for donating equestrian goods and raffle prizes.

We also have corporate supporters who sponsor our various events and activities and donate raffle prizes throughout the year – these are too numerous to mention on this page, but we’ll tell you all about them when we’re running their event.