Be in our DONKEY CLUB!

We have a small but perfectly formed herd of donkeys here at Hope Pastures (and a small number living in loan homes in the community), and they show us every day with their individual styles, comedic behavior, and “singing” voices, just how much they appreciate the love and care they have been given here to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

As a member of the Donkey Club,  your donations go towards the running of the site to offer the care and support our donkeys need.  Donkey care does differ from horse care and our team works closely with the animals to ensure we are meeting their needs and keeping them happy, healthy and occupied.  We work hard to ensure our donkeys enjoy their life here at HP and find another donkey to share a lasting bond with. 


As well as knowing you’re directly helping some of our rescues, you’ll receive:

  • Your name as a Donkey Club Member on the main Donkey Shelter.
  • An invitation to “Our Donkey Celebration” afternoon for club members only to showcase some of the connection training our donkeys do, (they love to show their talents with pedestals and target training for treats), and an informal talk on the special nature of donkeys and the differences between donkeys and other equines.  You will have chance to see the donkeys in their stables and learn about each one’s personality and the funny things they do that make them so unique.

A monthly donation of £12 helps towards the costs we incur rescuing, maintaining and working with animals to keep our on site residents healthy and happy, and work towards rehoming equines of all shapes and sizes in the community.

Knowing we already have these essential costs covered year-round means we can rescue more ponies and donkeys.

To become a Donkey Club Member please choose -ONE- of the following options:

Direct debit via PayPal or Credit/Debit card

Fill in the person’s name that you would like on the shelter then hit subscribe and put in your billing details.

Please note: there is the option to pay with PayPal or your debit/credit card.

Name to appear on shelter


Download the Donkey Club form and post /scan and email it back to us