Rescuing and re-homing equines since 1974


Life has many twists and turns, and sometimes circumstances are such that it’s not possible to make a direct donation to us, but there is another way you can help the horses and donkeys.

Leave us a gift in your Will

By remembering Hope Pastures in your Will or a Codicil (an amendment to your Will), you’ll help us to continue to care for all our animals and save more from further cruelty. On average it costs £1,200 per year for us to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home a horse and legacy gifts are crucial to making sure we’re able to keep doing this.

You’ll have many responsibilities and wishes to take into account when you do make a Will, but you can be sure that if you leave a gift to Hope Pastures it will keep on making a real difference after you have gone, securing safe futures for animals which have been in desperate need.

What happens if you don’t make a Will

If you die without making a Will, the Intestacy Laws provide rules that decide who will inherit whatever you leave (your estate) and you have no control over what will happen to anything. The Intestacy Laws are complicated and vary according to which of your relatives survive you.If you have no surviving relatives all your goods, property and money will pass to the Crown. At Hope Pastures your gift will go directly to care for the animals, so whatever you leave to us will make a much bigger difference than if it is swallowed up into the country’s coffers.

Leaving us a gift can reduce your Inheritance Tax

A gift to a charity in a Will (a legacy) is exempt from tax and the deduction of any charitable gift from your estate can reduce your overall tax liability. This means:

1 Any gift to Hope Pastures is worth exactly what you leave to us, without any going to the Government. For estates where Inheritance Tax is payable, a £1,000 gift would mean £1,000 to continue our rescue work. If the £1,000 weren’t coming to a charity, then £400 of it would be taken by the Government in tax. *

2 Depending on how much your estate is worth and how much you choose to leave to Hope Pastures, a gift to us can also reduce the Inheritance Tax your estate has to pay in total (including the non-charitable gifts to family and friends), from 40% to 36%. So, as well as helping our animals, gifts to us can also benefit the people you care about.*

* Tax regulations as of 06.04.14

Your Will

Your Will is a simple legal document which gives you the opportunity to specify your wishes and remember those you care about. It can include specific gifts to special people, causes and charities, as well as practical things, such as who should be your children’s guardian or whether you want your body to be buried or cremated.

If you’ve already made your Will, you can add a gift to Hope Pastures in a Codicil without the hassle or cost of having your Will re-written.

How to Find Out More, or Even Just Do It!

The laws surrounding Wills are complex and it’s sensible to obtain professional advice, for example from a solicitor, when drafting your Will or Codicil.

Your solicitor will need the following details to ensure any gift to Hope Pastures is effective:

Hope Pastures, Weetwood Lane, Leeds LS16 6PH

Registered Charity Number: 504003

If you’d like more information, or to discuss this with us, please contact Kim on [email protected] in the first instance. All enquiries will be treated in total confidence.

Leaving Hope Pastures a gift in your Will means that, even though you’re no longer here, you’ll be helping to rescue abused and ill-treated horses and donkeys and giving them the chance of a secure future and a fulfilling life – a truly lasting legacy.