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Stable Supporter

Bedding, hay and feed are three of our major costs and they’re essential for all of our 25 to 30 ponies and donkeys on site. To provide these costs £12 a week for just one of the ponies.

As a Stable Supporter, you help to make sure that whoever lives in your stable has these vital items all year round, whether it’s one of our residents, a newly-rescued pony, or one looking for a new family.

We can’t do this on our own

As well as knowing you’re directly helping one of our rescues, you’ll receive:

  • Your name as ‘Stable Supporter’ on a stable
  • A complimentary Pony or Donkey Adoption of your choice, every year you sponsor a stable
  • Regular updates about all the animals

A monthly donation of £12 means that we can be sure that we have the money to cover the costs of your stable for at least one week every month.

Knowing we already have these essential costs covered year-round means we can rescue more ponies and donkeys.

To start sponsoring your stable TODAY, click the Subscribe button below or download the Stable Supporter form HERE and post /scan and email it back to us

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