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Corporate Group Booking – Team Building for businesses.

Hope Pastures Corporate group volunteering days take place on weekdays between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm, and they run throughout the year. 

We can accommodate groups of up to 12 individuals for a donation of £10 per person per booking. This cost covers materials and the time of the staff who organise and oversee the running of the day.

Some of the activities included in the Corporate bookings are:

  • Fence painting,
  • Shelter painting, 
  • Gardening, 
  • Barn and site clearance,
  • Fence repair,
  • Haynet filling,
  • Washing down signs,
  • And many more…. We have lots of outdoor jobs!

Please note: 

Tasks are physical and outdoors. 

Team members must be happy to participate in such conditions and come dressed appropriately. 

If team members are unhappy or uncooperative in participating in the intended activity, we reserve the right to suggest they leave. 

Many of our tasks are weather-dependent, so changes may be made throughout the day. 

Hope Pastures reserves the right to cancel the booking at the last minute if the weather is unsuitable for the planned task. We have minimal indoor tasks, so an alternative may not be possible.

FAQ Section

How many people can you accommodate?

We can only take up to 12 people at a time.

What is the start and end time?

Corporate events run between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm. The day can be shorter but it will be the same cost.

What is the cost?

The cost is £10.00 per person to cover materials and staffing

Is there an option to do two groups? I.e. One manual group and one less physical.

All tasks are manual/physical. Depending on group size and tasks, we might split you into more than one group, with potentially fewer physical jobs for some of you, as long as the total number of people doesn’t exceed 12

Is there a discount if we book more than one group?

The short answer is ‘no’.

What does the cost include?

We offer free standard drinks. Cans and Tassimo coffees must be paid for.

Do we offer lunch?

No. We have a Visitor Centre where the team can buy snacks or eat their own food, but we recommend they bring their own lunch.

What breaks do the team get?

The team will get a morning break of 20 minutes, a lunch break of 45 minutes and an afternoon break of 20 minutes. 

What risk assessment is done?

A risk assessment will be done in advance of the group’s attendance, and risks will be highlighted with the group at the introduction meeting. They will be asked to sign to say they are aware of the risks of partaking.