We believe each and every equine
deserves a life worth living.

Welfare number: 0783 192 8980
Office number: 0113 261 4344

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Group Visits

Group Vists – Children / Pensioners- (Brownies / Schools / Pensioners etc)

Group visits are so much fun at Hope Pastures!

We cater to various groups, including schools, brownies, toddler groups, care homes, and much more.

Our group visits include a tour of our sanctuary, an informative and captivating talk from one of our experts on how we care for our animals, and we have fun and educational activities for all ages.

Hope Pastures group visits are safe and highly organised. Staff and volunteers leading or assisting our group visits are extremely experienced, giving you peace of mind to enjoy your time here at Hope Pastures.

Our group visits last up to 75 minutes and we can cater for groups of up to 12 individuals at a time. 

We take a £65 donation on booking which we will take once your booking details have been confirmed.

Please note: All bookings are subject to availability, and someone will contact you once your enquiry has been received. 

Once our team confirms availability, you will receive a payment link to complete your booking.

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