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Well, look who’s home!

Thanks to the amazing care of Gemma and her team at Rainbow Equine Hospital, Buddy and Twinkle arrived back at Hope Pastures this afternoon.

On leaving Rainbow, Buddy’s ultrasounds showed clear, and he is responding to antibiotics, and you can see in the photos that they’ve found a new bond of mother and foal love. We will continue to monitor Buddy around the clock, taking his temperature and administering his meds. He will have follow-up blood tests next week and another ultrasound on-site, but life is looking rosier for them both.

Life at Hope Pastures is often a rollercoaster; we have such happy stories followed by difficult times and vice-versa. However, the team that cares for our horses, ponies and donkeys consistently give utmost commitment no matter how difficult or time-consuming the situation is, and with volunteers and supporters helping us the way so many of you have recently, Buddy and Twinkle are in safe hands!

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed towards our vet and hospital fees. What a fabulous outcome! We’ll keep you in touch with Buddy’s progress.