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We all need a little help

We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of horses and ponies requiring medical care and physical rehabilitation. We are currently at capacity in terms of space for ponies, and our funds are reducing at a rate we have never seen before. At Hope Pastures, we realise how lucky we are to have such a dedicated group of followers. We need your support now more than ever. 

You will have seen in the media that the Competitions and Market Authority have launched an investigation into the veterinary industry. With so many independent vets joining forces, the chair of CMA said, “The recent wave of vet surgery consolidation meant it was the “right time” to look at how the market was working.”   
At Hope Pastures, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in vet bills.  Last year they totalled £27,000.  With still three months to go before our year-end, we are set to double that. At the time of writing, our vet bills stand at


You can imagine the strain this puts on all aspects of our work. This amount does not include physiotherapy or dentistry. Including these it takes the cost above £55,000.00. 
Behind the decision for any vet call-out or treatment is our dedicated hope that we can remove pain and allow our horses, ponies and donkeys to lead their best lives. Knowing how to cut vet bills without compromising on their care is difficult and something we can’t contemplate. Unless we can raise funds to cover our costs, our only option in the future will be to take in fewer horses. This is the only way we can secure the future of Hope Pastures. 
Please take a look at our video; it’s what we do at Hope Pastures every day. This is where the money goes. We currently have 30 horses on site, each needing unique care and attention.  

We are applying for grants and funding, but the funds available are reduced with so many charities in similar circumstances. 

If you can help us meet these rising costs, please take a moment to donate in your preferred way. We never take your support for granted and are always grateful for any help you can give us; however small you may consider the amount, it all adds up.