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Trigger- Hope Pastures


Trigger is a 14.3hh piebald cob gelding that is over 37 years old.
He is a real laid back character although he can be a little bossy to lead and tries to go his own way if he can. He loves his feed and will bang on the stable door to get his breakfast and tea whenever people are around.
He is a really stunning horse to look at although he has a bit of arthritis and muscle wastage around his back & hips.
Lots of people we have spoken to about taking Trigger into our care have remembered learning to ride on him many years back so he has obviously been a very popular and hard-working horse for many years and has stayed in people’s memories.

January 2012
Trigger is plodding along well and spends his days with days with his
‘wife’ Shazeke, on days when Shazeke is bored of him he will stand with Lady, as she is so slow and old like him they are quite good friends.
Trigger is really showing his age now though, as he is almost 37 and has worked very hard all his life up until coming to live at HP.
His hind legs are very arthritic, and they bow out making his hooves an
odd shape, and his back is very dipped from all the years of carrying
riders in the riding school. He struggles to maintain weight and his
digestion is quite poor, meaning we have to wash his tail and legs
regularly. However all we can do is give trigger the best feed, warm waterproof rugs and medication daily to ease his arthritis. He is popular with everyone and is a big part of Hope Pastures as he is such a beautiful horse who makes an impression on everyone he meets.

Spring 2010
Trigger is plodding along as usual, he is very chilled out & happy in his retirement. He still loves Shazeke and stays near to her in the field, although she prefers to associate with Paddy! Trigger recently had his teeth rasped and behaved really well, he didn’t need any sedation as he’s such a good boy. He is also now on a special feed supplement to aid his arthritis, which was kindly donated. This should help his hock joints which he suffers with the most.

November 08
Trigger is doing fine and has had a nice relaxing summer in the fields with his friends. He was a good help when his friend  Shaz became ill with laminitis as he stayed on the yard and kept her company without complaining, however he was very sneaky and liked to break into the feed room when nobody was looking. Because of this we had to be very vigilant to keep the padlock  on the door as  he could even un do the bolts, he is very clever at things like this and likes to let himself into his own stable every tea time! This year Triggers lower legs became itchy, as they always have been despite us trying lots of different things to stop it. So we had to trim all his feathers off to be able to apply creams and to wash them thoroughly and he actually looked quite handsome with his new hair cut, and we managed to control his skin condition after a few weeks he was much better.

May 2007
Trigger is fine and has come through the winter well without losing too much weight, which is always a worry for us with old horses like him.
He was kitted out with a lot of well fitting and warm rugs and fed on plenty of special feed for elderly horses, so when he began to lose his winter fur he was lovely and shiny underneath and in very good condition, it took weeks of grooming to get through all the old fur and today he had a bath which he really enjoyed, and afterward he was very bright and clean and had a lovaly plait in his tail which he looked very proud of once we had put him out in the field.
He is still very close to Shazeke although a few weeks ago there was some trouble as Hilton and Paddy both decided they wanted her as their girlfriend and Trigger was promptly pushed top the side while the younger two argued and chased each other around and flirted with Shaz. Trigger seemed very put out by this but eventually they beceme bored and Trigger seems pleased to have his old girlfriend all to himself once again. Trigger has been used as a grooming horse in our recent Pony Day and also when we had a large group of brownies visiting to learn about horse care. He really loved standing like a statue to be groomed and fussed over and stroked by all the tiny hands, he was such a gentleman that we will definately be using him again as all the children adored him. To show their appreciation to both Trigger and Tina, who we also used for the brownies to groom they presented us with a lovely brand new pink grooming kit to use on the horses and Trigger has been brushed with them many times already.

Trigger at grass

Trigger at grass


Waiting to come in for tea


Shazeke (RIP) and Trigger


Trigger in his early days


Paddy and Trigger