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Banjo’s Banter Aug/Sept 20

How are you all doing? I gave my hooves a little rest during August but I’m now back at the laptop to fill you in on all the goings on at Hope Pastures.


Banjo’s Banter July 20

Welcome to July’s edition of Banjo’s Banter! I’m so happy to see you visitors and some of our human volunteers back on the site. We’ve missed you so much and we know how much you humans appreciate seeing our antics in person. Well, haven’t we had such a range of weather? Us donks loved the heatwave, […]


Banjo’s Banter May 20

Woo hoo, I’m so happy I could burst. We are finally able to reopen to the public which means I get to see my wonderful fan club again! I’ve so missed you and so have all the other animals and humans here. But before I get carried away with all the excitement, the humans have reminded […]


Banjo’s Banter April 20

Well, it’s still quiet here at Hope Pastures and although we’re enjoying the nice weather, we’re all missing our volunteers and visitors. We can’t wait to see you again, once it’s safe to do so of course! We did have a very exciting day when Countryfile came to visit us. I’m assured by the humans that you’ll all […]


Banjo’s Banter March 20

It’s been a fairly quiet February at the sanctuary, well apart from the weather that is, which has been anything but quiet….or even decisive. In between the (what seems like permanent) storms, we’ve had beautiful sunshine, and snow and hail too. I think I’m going to have to start wearing those wellies like you humans […]


Banjo’s Banter Feb-20

Well, I can’t believe we’re already in February. Time flies! Apparently you humans celebrate something called Valentine’s Day this month and they told me to remind you that there are lots of unusual gifts you can get your loved ones from Hope Pastures. If anyone loves me and fancies getting me a gift, a bag of […]


Banjo’s Banter Jan 20

Hello and a very happy new year! Well apparently we’re in a new decade. Not entirely sure what that means but did you know that donkeys can live for up to 50 years? Speaking of donkeys, we have a couple of newbies at the Sanctuary: Sandy and Nosey. Well I can see how Nosey got […]