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15 Feb
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Sanctuary open with precautions

Equine Influenza –PLEASE READ

There has been an outbreak of equine influenza recently. This is not a problem for humans, who cannot catch it, and none of our animals are infected, but humans can spread the virus, so we need to take measures to ensure the health of our animals at the present time.
There’s no problem if you haven’t recently been in contact with other equines.
If you’ve been in contact with any other horses, ponies or donkeys in the past 48 hours:
  1.  We ask that do not enter the sanctuary unless absolutely essential
  2. If your visit is essential and cannot be avoided, please make sure that you park as near the gate to the road as possible, that you have santised your hands and that you’re wearing different clothing and boots from when you were with other equines. If you cannnot do this, please do not enter.
  3. Please do not touch any of the animals if you’ve been in contact with other equines
Thank you for your understanding.