Rescuing and re-homing equines since 1974

Rescue Supporter

Knowing we have donations coming in regularly means it’s much easier for us to act quickly to rescue an animal in need, as we know some of the costs are already covered.

We can’t do this on our own

No matter how hard we work (and we do work very hard!) we can’t do this without your help. As a Rescue Supporter, you’re a crucial part of our rescue team – it’s your donations which mean we can help more desperate animals.

As well as knowing you’re directly helping our rescues, you’ll receive:

  • Your name as ‘Rescue Supporter’ displayed on site at the sanctuary.
  • A complimentary Pony or Donkey Adoption of your choice. 
  • Invitations to an Adoption Event at the sanctuary each year – a chance to get ‘close up’ and meet the horses, ponies and donkeys
  • Regular updates about all the animals

Monthly donations can be as little as £5 – that’s less than a couple of ‘posh’ coffees a month and it can actually change the world for a rescued animal.

If you donate £12 or more, you might wish to become a Stable Supporter, contributing to covering the costs of your own stable every month. More details of this are available on our Stable Supporter page.

Knowing their costs will be covered means we can act quickly to rescue more ponies and donkeys.

To start helping more rescues TODAY, click the Subscribe button below or download the Stable Supporter form HERE and post /scan and email it back to us.

Thank you

  1. Put the name that you wish to appear in the box under the donation amount or put ‘Anonymous’ if you don’t want your name displayed.
  2. Put the name of the animal you wish to adopt in box above ‘Subscribe’.  (If you are not sure who to choose have a look here)

Please choose amount from the list
1. Name to appear on display:
2. Animal to adopt

After you have subscribed please hold and you will be taken to our Gift Aid page. If you are a taxpayer your monthly donation could be worth 25% more at no extra charge to you.  (if you are not redirected come back to this page and click here)