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Shadow rehoming


Shadow arrived at Hope Pastures in late 2013, he was found abandoned, had nowhere to go and was facing an unsure future until he came to us. He is a very friendly young gelding who should mature to around 14HH, as he is so fine he will not carry more than 8 and a half stone once fully matured. He has a lovely trot and is going to make a very nice riding pony once he is older.

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BreedWelsh pony
HeightShould mature to 14HH
Stabling/ShelterCan live out with rugs and shelter.
Bedding requiredStraw or shavings
To catch in the fieldGood
Turn outCan mix with mares and geldings.
FeetUnshod, well behaved with picking up his feet.
RugsWill need turnout rugs over the winter.
Loan fee£100
Future useCompanion. Could be ridden once old enough.