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Raising the Roof

We need your help to get the ponies a new roof for their stables!

The wind, rain and recent winter snow saw a dramatic end to our upper yard stable roof, leaving us with a substantial bill of £10,000 to provide a replacement! So many of our equines have vulnerabilities – sickness, age, lameness, and trauma and rely on the stables to provide a safe space to rest, feed and recover. We have raised £1,000 towards the costs so far with a grant from Horses4Health but still have a long way to go. Work is urgent and started this morning with Drew and his team making good progress, but we still have to raise the £9,000.00 shortcoming.

Any small amount you feel you can donate towards the cost of a replacement roof will be gratefully received and should we be lucky enough to raise more than the £9,000.00, the remaining amount will be put towards our £25,000.00 annual vet’s bill.

Thanks to all our supporters who can donate or share the fundraising page….let’s get our ponies their shelter!

One of many leaks

We’re so excited by the progress on our stable block roof – the beautiful bright skies today definitely reflect our optimism and gratitude for your generous contributions towards the cost of the replacement roof. We’re still some way off our target, but the initial days of contributions have been amazing! Thank you! If you have donated already or aren’t able to, then please do share our fundraising page with your friends. https://www.facebook.com/donate/1256389065280227/594881042681176/