Sago came to live at Hope Pastures when his owner could no longer care for him. He’d been sold to a farmer, who completely neglected him, and when he arrived at Hope Pastures he was in a very poor condition, with lots of creepy crawlies in his coat, which meant he had rubbed himself bald and he was very sore.

A super-friendly pony, who loves humans, Sago likes to give nuzzles and kisses to everyone he meets and is a pleasure to care for. He takes his role as a ‘therapy pony’ very seriously and can often be found out and about, meeting elderly people in care homes, or young children in libraries and schools. He’s a regular visitor to some of our local shopping centres and has even been know to pop into the local pub (no drinking, even though he’s not driving!) His latest treat is a carrot ice cream (!) Obviously, he’s a regular star on our Pony Days.

He’s NEVER naughty and is quite shocked when his field mates are!


Our most-travelled pony, spreading pony love everywhere!