Lily came to Hope Pastures in 2011 after she was found by the police straying with her foal. She was so terrified they couldn’t catch her, so asked for our help. Fortunately we were able to get Lily and her foal into a trailer, and bring them to Hope Pastures. Lily’s foal, whom we named Lucky, has now gone to a loving forever home. But Lily had been so frightened in the past that she is still wary of people, and so will stay here as one of our permanent residents, while we help her to regain her trust in humans. She’s an 11 hands high Welsh Mountain pony mare and is now over 12 years old. She has lots of fans who love to come and visit her. Thanks to a great deal of patience from our yard staff and volunteers – who use clicker training, Trust Technique and homeopathy – Lily is now a lot braver and a great deal more trusting. She allows herself to be gently handled and enjoys saying hello to visitors over the fence. She loves her relaxed life, spending her days in the field with her horse friends and her nights in her stable. Lily’s colour is officially called grey but, as with most greys, age has now turned her white. She loves rolling in the mud or dust, though, so can often look rather grubby!



The beautiful, timid Welsh pony, who’s learning to trust again