Cloud has been retired from the adoption scheme.

Cloud is a very sweet pony. He does a lot of travelling about going to schools, fetes and other events and always draws a good crowd.

Cloud was abandoned and had a very uncertain future ahead of him, so we were more than happy to offer him a place at Hope Pastures.

As a small and cuddly guy, he quickly became a member of the Pony Days, group visits and children’s parties “pony team”. He’s now also one of our Ambassador Ponies and goes out regularly, meeting people at events, fayres, schools and nursing homes.

A miniature Shetland pony, he’s still fairly young with no real health problems, apart from a tendency to be overweight.

Cloud is a lovable, cheeky and nosy little fellow. He loves being scratched and patted, and really enjoys a good cuddle, especially when he’s a bit tired. He’s a very confident pony, and takes all the new things he comes across in his stride.

Ever-patient, this pint-sized pony is everybody’s buddy, when he’s not helping at parties or visiting stores and events, he loves a roll and a good lie down with his friends. He likes to nibble watch straps, coats and zips, jump the electric fence into the long grass and even lie down on our volunteers’ legs!

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Cloud has been retired from the adoption scheme.