Banjo came to Hope Pastures after he was found frightened, thin and being mistreated at a horse market. He was very tired and thirsty, and when he went in the sale ring no-one wanted him. Luckily for Banjo a kind person bought him for very little money (60 guineas, which is £63) after the sale and asked if Hope Pastures could take him in.

When Banjo arrived here, all he wanted to do was drink, eat and rest. He was timid and very nervous. Because he was beaten in the past, Banjo is still a bit wary of people and flinches at sudden movements, but he’s learned that the people at Hope Pastures are kind, patient and loving, so nowadays is less worried than he used to be, and will even stand and let children pet him.

A week after Banjo arrived at Hope Pastures Coco came and Banjo and Coco are now inseparable. Coco’s confidence has helped Banjo become a lot more trusting.



Terrified when he came to the sanctuary, now growing in confidence