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Pebbles was ‘rescued’ in the northeast. He was a premature foal who was abandoned. He went to a local charity from whom I then adopted him. He was only 4 months old when I got him and he’d never had a mummy. I’ve had him for six months now and he’s gone from a scrawny little bag of bones to the fluffiest, mischievous little man that he is now. Whilst adapting to a new diet he suffered bouts of colic that he fought through like a trooper. He has been at death’s door many a time but we didn’t give up on him and he bounced back with a love for life that is second to none. He may not grow much more but he’s our baby and is loved and spoilt which is nothing less than what the little fighter deserves.

Update Sep 16: Pebbles has now turned into a cheeky monkey who is full of a love for life.  He’s gone from skin and bones with a dull coat and dull eyes to this spritely youngster who runs us ragged with his fun and games.  He loves nothing more than to run off with the other horses’ feed buckets, hare round the field for no reason with his friend Rupert, bucking and bronking.  Such a transformation from the little guy who was first brought to us who didn’t know what a feed bucket was let alone how to eat what was in it – I spent many an hour daily hand feeding him just so I knew he was getting something.  During the winter he was wrapped up in two heavyweight large dog rugs to keep his little bones warm, only now has he progressed to foal rugs.  He won’t grow much bigger but that is no issue.  He has a home for life to be loved and cuddled and spoilt in

Lisa Browne

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