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Paddy is a very handsome Thoroughbred who loves people and other horses. He is the male boss of the big horses field and always the first one to the gate to meet visitors. . He loves coming up to the fence to say hello to visitors and sometimes tries to have a chew on people’s clothes!

Paddy started out life as a racehorse but when he was only 3 years old he suffered a leg injury, which still causes trouble now and again. He ended up at Hope Pastures many years ago, and is a long-term resident. When his leg injury flares up he has to stay in his stable, which he’s not keen on as he loves being out in the field with his friends.

He’s an extremely kind father figure to other horses, keeps on eye on all his field friends, and takes care of any new horses. He’s a big favourite with all our yard volunteers who just love grooming him, as he’s so gentle and helpful.