We believe every equine
deserves a life worth living.

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We have a highly committed team of staff, trustees and over 100 dedicated volunteers, all of whom contribute to helping the animals, whether mucking out, running our visitor centre, helping with group visits, mending fences or supporting events and shows. Without them Hope Pastures couldn’t rescue and care for all the animals we do.

LEONNIESanctuary Manager

Sanctuary Manager

“I have been Sanctuary Manager since February 2019.  My employment background has been health and social care, but my heart has always been with animals, especially equines.  I am very lucky to have the opportunity to work for Hope Pastures, and the amazing equines we rescue.”

SOPHIESenior Welfare Coordinator

Senior Welfare Coordinator

“I joined Hope Pastures in 2000, aged 19, as a volunteer caring for pigs and chickens and was subsequently employed as a groom. Four years later I became Yard Manager.
I have since learned everything about horse rescue from experience and it has been a life changing journey for me. It is one that I feel so lucky to have been on and I’ve met lots of amazing animals and people along the way. My favourite part of my role is rescuing and bringing to safety neglected animals and seeing them blossom with all of the care and commitment they get here. I also love grooming and training, especially because these two things can make a previously neglected and frightened horse into a totally different animal with time, love and patience.
I’m currently the sanctuary’s Welfare Co-ordinator, enhancing external work, focusing on welfare and setting up of new procedures and projects.”

SUZINorth Yorkshire Welfare Coordinator

North Yorkshire Welfare Coordinator

I am the re-homing and welfare coordinator working in North and East Yorkshire. I have many years’ experience working with all different types of horses including riding, instruction and in rescue and behaviour training.

SUEPart Time Yard Team

Part Time Yard Team

“I’ve worked at Hope Pastures for many years, my role has changed over the years as the sanctuary has expanded but I now spend most of my time on the yard. I enjoy training with the animals, especially those who are nervous and watching their trust grow in people. Most recently I’ve been working with Banjo picking up his feet, he’s very timid due to his past and I’m very proud of his progress. During my free time I enjoy walking my dog and spending time with my many cats.”

VAL Part Time Yard Team

Part Time Yard Team

“I work at Hope Pastures two days a week doing yard work and showing visitors around. I enjoy spending time with the donkeys. In my free time I run my dog boarding kennels and look after all my rescued animals.”

PHILIPPart Time Maintenance & IT Coordinator

Part Time Maintenance & IT Coordinator

” Apparently in Greek, Philip means ‘lover of horses’ so maybe it was fate that I should be involved with the sanctuary. The reason I feel why our work is so important can be found on our Why support us page, but can can be summarised by saying that the horse has done so much for mankind, I want to do what I can to redress the balance. My role is being responsible for the site maintenance, website, graphics and posters, and the charity’s IT ”

LYNN Trustee


” I’m one of the Trustees who originally took over the running of the sanctuary when it was in crisis in 2004. At the time we had 16 equines and only two weeks’ worth of money to keep them! It was immensely hard work then, just scraping together the money to look after the animals we had ‘inherited’.
Since that time we’ve been lucky enough to receive a lot of support and the sanctuary is now responsible for over 100
horses, ponies and donkeys, mostly now re-homed in forever homes, with their own families and a fulfilling and varied life.
It’s still tough, but now it’s all about raising money to rescue even more animals. Because of the hard work of the Hope Pastures’ team, we have very few overheads and 95p of every £1 donated to us is spent directly on the horses, which means we make all the money donated to us work as hard as possible to give desperate animals a new start and a new life.”

ALYSON Trustee


” I’ve been a Hope Pastures’ Trustee for many years, with particular responsibility for staff recruitment and support. As a retired fundraiser, I also advise on all aspects of Hope Pastures’ income generation.”