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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for September (Uh-Oh!)
09 Oct
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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for September (Uh-Oh!)

Late, late, late – I know you’ve all been missing my update, but I have been just soooo busy and have to concentrate so hard on the changes which have been happening! You would not believe what’s been going on here – my field is all upside down and I’ve had almost no time to Muse………scary big earth-eaters don’t make for ‘mindfulness’. So, it’s just a short update this month.

Horse News

Cherish has gone to a new forever home, to play the very important role of emergency companion to a lonely horse, Willow, whose best pal of 10 years was lost to a sudden illness, leaving poor Willow depressed and lonely. The humans worked hard to get all the paperwork (stuff they do) completed and Cherish was soon introduced to Willow.

Jack has moved to a foster home with a Mel human, who’ll continue his education. He was such a brave lad, travelling well and settling in with his new ‘foster brothers’ who took him under their wings.

Flicka and Billy, both elderly Shetland ponies, came back to the sanctuary this month. Sadly, both had lost their companions, so the humans have brought them here and are hoping to pair them up together.

Flicka, Billy, Freddie and Pearl all saw Andy, one of the stabbing humans, last week. They had blood tests (definitely a stab!) to check their health and Andy also looked at their teeth, putting the big metal thing in their mouths so he can get his hand in (ugh!) They were all very brave, so were treated to some freshly picked grass and herbs as a reward – almost makes it worthwhile having one’s teeth looked at…. but not quite.

Emma, Pearl, Diamond and Lily have recently been introduced to each other as a new herd and they’re settling down well. Their field looks rather sparse in grass – thank heavens they haven’t asked me to be part of their herd. They all need to keep their weight under control to prevent any illness, however, so it’s perfect for them. As you can see, they make the most of being waterproof and shun the field shelter the humans have put up for them – preferring to shelter behind a tree (if you can call it that.) Ponies will be ponies – you won’t catch my donkey friends doing that. In fact, Polly and Bella are now living over the road, instead of with me, because Polly was bullying my donkey friends out of our shelter when it’s rained.

Snoopy has had an abscess in his hoof so, for the start of the month, he was mainly on the upper yard wandering (or hobbling) around with a bandage on his foot. Last week he started to be allowed to stretch his legs a bit more and was turned out in the training pen at the bottom of my field. This was annoying, as I like to roll in the sand in there, but it was good to see him out enjoying himself.

Sanctuary News

The wonderful people from Wetnose Animal Aid donated us £326 in pony nut tokens from the entries for their Summer photo comp. A massive WOW and THANKYOU to the Wetnose team and everyone who entered. The Hope Pastures crew of Sue, Abi and Joel loved seeing Helen and Chloe and their ‘best friends’ Chi Chi and Pebbles. Sago somehow managed to get in on the picture session as well – I know they must have been disappointed I couldn’t be there.

WHAT can I say about the sanctuary!! My field has been dug up and the bottom area, near the training pen, has been covered in hard stuff. The grass bit (the rest of it, thank heavens) is now separated by a fence from this, but the humans leave the gate open so we can wander through most of the time right now. The humans say this new design will give my friends and me an area to ‘loaf’ (I’m wondering if the humans mean this – are they mixed up and really mean foal? If so, then I can assure them NONE of us will be foaling any time soon.) It also means that when the grass is really wet and muddy in Winter, we can still be turned out in the bottom area, without ruining next year’s grass. Sounds like more grass for me in the long run….VERY GOOD news.

The big earth eaters have also flattened another area on the other side of the walkway from my field. This is proving very useful for storing the metal boxes in which the humans travel – also good news as it means more of my public will be able to come and visit me now there’s more space.

I’ll keep you updated on how this development is going, as it’s major, so obviously the donks (and my donkey half) have to be very cautious about it. More on this in next month’s Musing.

Love Muffin xx