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Muffin’s Monthly Musings For October
08 Nov
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Muffin’s Monthly Musings For October

Not late this month!!! But the humans have changed something called ‘a server’, which means they lost my orginal post! So, here it is again!

What about the fab pic of me making friends with one of the short-legged ponies(?) which come to visit us sometimes. They come in all shapes and sizes (this is a particularly small one) and they all wear something round their necks and have humans attached to them with lead ropes. They smell odd, especially when damp, which makes a change from the ‘warm hay’ smell of my pony friends. They’re not allowed in my field, so this is the closest I can get.

Horse News

Bella has gone to a new home as an emergency companion to a grieving horse, Star, who had lost her best friend. Bella is a sweet, friendly and caring old pony and she soon put Star at ease by making herself right at home and munching on some grass (her favourite thing….and mine!)

Flicker (now 32 years young!) recently went to Rainbow Equine Hospital to have a lot of teeth removed that were no use to her any more. The humans say she was very brave and was a favourite with the vets, staff and nurses – wait till I take a visit there, they’ll LOVE me! She’s still a bit sore (teeth are SUCH a bother) and the humans have been experimenting with different soft foods to see what she finds easier to eat. Bananas are now one of her favourite treats and she’s given one after the humans have rinsed her mouth and gums with antiseptic mouthwash! Minty Banana? Worth trying…..not worth having my teeth removed for, though.

Snoopy is out and about again now – when we equines are poorly we sometimes have to stay in our stable to stop us running around and hurting ourselves (do our humans really think we’re that silly?) He’s had his poorly foot X-rayed, an activity which involved one of the stabbing humans and which looked very scary, but he has survived and the humans are happy with how he’s doing.

The humans have prepared special winter beds for us this year, with some sort of bedding made of what looks like grains of something, rather than straw. Apparently this helps my friends who suffer from feather mites (nasty little critters that live in the hair around on their lower legs and which thrive in straw) so Henry, Maggie and Kizzie should be a lot less itchy and raw now. Not that I’m bothered – my legs are gorgeous and sleek in comparison. It also helps anyone with breathing problems, and soaks up the smell of our wee (which can be very strong – not a strength any of us wish to brag about.) A very impressive list of good things – it is NOT, however, edible. How annoying. I hope it’s comfortable.

Lots of very kind people donate horsey goods to help my friends and me. Recently we’ve even been given a magnetic rug, which is brilliant for any of my friends who are achy or have something called arthritis. The magnets in the rug help increase blood circulation and Maggie looked much less stiff after she’d tried it. Needless to say, it’s too big for me – do these come in a small size?

We have a new arrival in the Quarantine Stable. He’s a young colt, called Yogi. We’ve been neighing (or neighoring in my case) together from a distance, as he’s not allowed near me yet, and it appears he was left behind by bailiffs after notice was served on his humans and they had to move. His mum, dad and siblings were all taken away and he was left chained to a tree. That must have been pretty scary – he’ll be much better off here.

With the weather turning colder and dark, and the scary banging and flashing night very close, half of my friends are now sleeping in their stables at night. The rest of us are out in our fields, as we have a toasty warm field shelter to keep us dry if needed. If the weather changes for the worse we’ll also be inside at night.

We haven’t heard much from Harry, Fagan and Ruben recently, because they’re not on-site at the sanctuary. I have news that they have a massive new field with lots of grass, however, so I may be asking the humans if I can visit them.

Sanctuary News

Thankfully the sanctuary is looking better now. The earth eaters have gone and our fields look almost like normal – except we have a bigger hard area to stand in. This has already been very useful in keeping my gorgeous white socks out of any mud when it’s rained. The humans have completed their parking training and are now leaving their metal boxes in the new area near my field.

A team from Calder Vets raised a massive £647 of pony nut tokens for us by using rolling things to gallop around the roads – they called it the ‘Tour de Calder Vets’. Huge thanks to everyone who took part or who sponsored them.

The humans organised one of the busy days again this month – this time something called the ‘Autumn Fayre.’ I just love meeting lots of new people and there were plenty who came to see me, on what was a glorious, sunny day. The total raised on the day was over £4,800 in pony nut tokens. Wow!!! Huge thanks from my tummy and me – to everyone who visited, helped and donated and to Manning Stainton, who sponsored the event (apparently that means more pony nuts as well!)

Added to that we had a couple of days this month when the herds of colts and fillies came to visit me (and groom my friends), as well as the regular herds of adult humans who help to keep my sanctuary looking amazing.

Lovely to see everyone, but it’s meant a very busy month. I’m off to put my hooves up and relax a little now, as I’m saving myself for when the big man in red asks for reinmules for sky-flying lessons.

Love Muffin xxx