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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for May
05 Jun
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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for May

The weather has well and truly changed. Gone is the cold, damp stuff and we’ve had fabulous sun for days on end. I can’t say I’m complaining – it’s been a long, long winter. The only hiccup is that the green stuff started to grow for about a week…… now it’s so dry in my field the grass has gone on strike again! Luckily, this is good for my donkey half, but pony-me is pestering the humans for more hay and pony nuts!

Horse News

The humans have been moving us all into different fields and it’s very exciting! At the moment I have my four donkey friends (Coco, Banjo, Lilac and Ned), plus Bernie and Lily in my field. Lily has been at the sanctuary for years and we’ve never shared a field before, so it’s great to make friends with her. My small pony friends have switched to mowing in the fields over the road I miss them, but I know they’ll be back when the field is neat.


Logan, from the horse family, was one year old this month and the wonderful Miriam, who looks after the family, made him a fabulous birthday cake. I have put my order in already for my next special day and can’t understand why no one has made me anything like this before.

I gave everyone here a scare last week, as I had very bad tummy ache. One of the stabbing humans visited just to see me and gave me something which made me feel a lot better. I’ve never been poorly before and I definitely hope this doesn’t happen again as I didn’t like it!

We’re very sad this month because we’ve lost little Sebastian, who was only a young colt. It turned out he had complex problems and had almost no chance of surviving and leading a good quality of life so it was kinder to let him go over rainbow bridge. He wasn’t with us for long at the sanctuary, but he was a fun guy and we will miss him.

Oscar is back with us for a short while and is looking for a new forever home – he is a lovely chap and will make someone a fantastic pony. If you know of anyone who’s looking, please can you let the humans know?

Sanctuary News

This month we’ve had the herds of colts and fillies visiting us, which has been especially nice as the weather has meant they can brush and look after my friends without freezing themselves!

We also had one of those busy days, where herds and herds of humans, big and small, come to visit in lots of metal boxes, set up flapping things and generally having a good time. Bobby and Bessie came back to tell everyone about their rescue story – it was so good to see them again and catch up on what they’re doing. This was apparently the Spring Fayre and it was a fabulous day – both the weather and the fun we all had. Not only was it fun, but the humans say it raised over £4,500 in pony nut tokens – perfect timing to supplement my non-growing green stuff.

Enough for now – it’s sunny again today and the green stuff needs me to check on how well it’s growing……. More Musings next month.

Love Muffin xx