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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for March
09 Apr
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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for March

Does anyone know of any good tapping humans? I am at my wit’s end (and I have a LOT of wit) with this one – she’s just never around when you need her. More accurately this month, she’s never around when it’s not raining (essential for outdoor tapping) …… come to think of it, did it ever actually stop raining in March?

Whatever, I’ve pinned her down now for a VERY quick update before the skies open again and bless us with the wet stuff which makes the grass grow…….. and this is something I’ve been musing about – we’ve had lots of the wet grass-growing stuff, but NO grass growing. What’s going on? The humans are muttering about it’s too cold and the roots are waterlogged. Come on grass – get a grip and sprout now!!!

Horse News

The month started off with more of the white stuff and the humans were all wrapped up in their thick turnout rugs, some of them barely able to move – I’m not too sure why they don’t grow winter coats, this is so much more effective. They even wear hoof boots on their front hooves, which makes it difficult for them to do important tasks, like tying up our haynets, I’m not sure they’re very well-designed to be honest, though the same could be said for the donkeys (thank heavens half of me is sensible pony), but at least they don’t cover their heads up …. the humans don’t even have any ear-holes in their head covers!!!

Young Tino is back from horsepital and he’s looking so well! He’s been living in the stable next to the visitor centre and has made lots of new human friends. He’s now venturing out on walks round the bottom yard, so he’s starting to get to know some of us four-leggeds as well. Sago says Tino’s quite timid, but he’ll grow in confidence as he finds out how lovely everyone here is. He hasn’t been out to the fields yet, but I hope to meet him soon.

Rueben has also been to horsepital this month, to have his ‘little boy’s operation’. Normally we boys have this here , at the sanctuary, but sometimes it’s a more difficult job and we we have specialist stabbing humans looking after us.

As we all hoped, Henry, having lost his girlfriend, Maggie, earlier this year has become firm friends with new-girl Lady. He’s such a gent it’s so nice to see him enjoying the company of a special ‘lady’ and just great that Lady has a best friend after spending so much time on her own – Henry knows how that feels as he’d spent years on his own until he came to Hope Pastures.

Fagan has gone for a trial period in his new forever home. Having been rescued about a year ago as a very thin, anaemic, parasite-riddled, abandoned foal, he’s now grown into a really handsome young horse (yes, even I say so!) and is smart, loving and affectionate. His new home looks fab – I’m keeping everything crossed that he settles in well can have his Happy Ever After.

Sago has been out on his travels – this time to Leeds Rhinos, where he met a very interesting new friend called Ronnie. Sago took this all in his stride – I think I may have shown a little more caution had I been there.

My sad news this month is that Flicker is no longer with us. At almost 34 years old, she had some complicated health issues and had been struggling with her teeth for some time. She was a lovely character and super-gentle with the human fillies and colts when she let them brush her. She used to tell us tales of her earlier years, when she’d worked as a riding school pony, when she was known for her cheeky personality and bucking off many poor small humans! What a girl – we’ll miss her a lot. xx

That’s it for now – just a quick update this month, as I have some important grass-watching to do, in an attempt to encourage it to start peeking through more quickly. I’ll be reminding it that it should really be long and lush (and delicious) in April, so it needs to buck its ideas up.

Love Muffin xxx