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Muffin’s Monthly Musings For June
05 Jul
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Muffin’s Monthly Musings For June

HOT ……. even for half a donkey. The whole donkeys, however, are in their element. I’m not so sure about my native pony friends, especially the Shetlands and the Welsh Mountain ponies – I’m not convinced their hundreds of years of evolution to cope with snow and ice have meant they’re adapted to the current desert climes.

Still, none of us are complaining, even if the green stuff is now brown and pretty tasteless – we all love an afternoon siesta, in the sun or in the shade of our lovely new shelter. Nice to see the humans keep on working in the midday sun – poo-picking never stops!

There’s not a great deal of news this month – it’s been far too warm for anyone to do very much. We haven’t had any large herds of adult humans, nor of the colts and fillies, but we have seen a lot of families visiting us, which is lovely.

Lilac and I did have a little adventure with one of the stabbing humans who also puts metal things in our mouths. We both had teeth removed – which I would have been dreading, had I known about it, but which was absolutely worth it in the end, as I’m now back to eating again, after giving the humans a scare last month. I’m a much slimmer version of me, now, though, and, if the green stuff doesn’t have a bit of a growth spurt, I may take a little while to be fully ready (and round!) for when Winter arrives.

Sago has been out and about on his visits again, including a Strawberry Fair (yum!!) and he even took the opportunity for a little shopping at Pets at Home. I’ve yet to see what he bought – I hope it was food!

I’m afraid it’s waaaay too hot to muse this month, so I’ll sign off now and search for any remaining green stuff.

I’m sure the weather will return to normal before the end of next month, so you can look forward to a long and fulsome update then!

Love Muffin xx