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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for December
31 Dec
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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for December

DON’T PANIC I am still here!!!!! I know you missed me last month, but the tapping human was sooo cold the wriggly things on the ends of her front hooves wouldn’t work properly, even though she tried some fluffy hoof boots on them. Or at least that’s what she said…..I also heard that all the humans were super-busy because of something called Christmas?

Thank you for electing to carry on hearing about what’s going on at the sanctuary in my Monthly Musings I’ve been very worried that my public would be lost to me because of some changes some far-away humans have made – I’d like you to to know you’re very important to me!

So, now to my news – it’s been very cold, then warm, then cold again here at the sanctuary…..and now…wet. We had the first covering of white stuff at the start of December and then another one this week. I’m not sure about the white stuff – it’s cold and scratchy on my muzzle and means I can’t get to my yummy grass, but it also means that the humans bring us more hay and that my gorgeous socks are sparklingly white.

I probably prefer it to the wet and mud – certainly my donkey half does….wet plays havoc with my hooves and I don’t even need to comment about the effect of mud on my general appearance (especially my famous socks!)

Horse News

Two very sad pieces of news this month – first is that my old friend Gypsy passed over the rainbow bridge just before Christmas. She was a very special little pony and all of the team here (two and four-legged) loved her, as well as many of our visitors. Lots of human colts and fillies have learned to brush ponies by grooming Gypsy, many have met her at visits to stores and schools and older herd elders have been lucky enough to have her visit them. She had been unwell for some time and the humans helped her to have a good quality of life until the very end and made sure she didn’t suffer. She will be much-missed by everyone.

At the start of January we suffered another huge loss, as one of my big friends, Maggie, also trotted over rainbow bridge. She retired here at the sanctuary five years ago and I used to enjoy hearing her tales about pulling scrap metal carts and even pulling a bow-top caravan to somewhere called Appleby, where lots of horses meet every year. Maggie had a good life with us here and, like Gypsy, the humans made sure she was comfortable, even though her joints were tired due to all the hard work she’d done in the past. I’m sure she and Gypsy will be comparing notes and searching their new home for other old friends we have lost. Both of them leave a huge hole.

Fergus, Joey and little Yogi found new homes earlier this month. Well done to their new families and our humans for making their stories happy ones.

Fagan and Harry have had their ‘little boy’s’ operations. This was a worrying time for all of us, as their poor starts in life meant they had complications and had to go to horseptial to make sure they were okay. Thankfully they are both recovering well now and are back in their field with their buddies, after enjoying a spell on the big horses’ stable yard, generally being nosey and making friends with me and the other older equines.

They’re growing into lovely youngsters and will now be able to find new families in the New Year.

Daisy has also found a new home and has gone to live with a huge new shire-horse friend, called Colin. She’s made herself right at home, even though she had to stand on a small hill to not look too short next to Colin. I am NOT surprised – I’d make myself at home straight away if I lived somewhere with grass like that! Not to mention blue skies and sun…..

Finally, an update on little Logan from the horse family, who became very poorly at the start of the month with something very rare, called lawsonia. This affects young foals and makes them very ill, but almost everyone recovers from it, so we’re all hoping for Logan to get better. He spent some time in horsepital and came to the sanctuary just before Christmas. This is the first time I’ve actually met him, since the horse family live at another site. He’s been very brave, since he’d spent his whole life (all seven months of it) with his dad, mum and brother and now he’s had to be alone in horsepital and again here, although, obviously, we’ve all made him very welcome. Our humans worked very hard to care for him here, but on Christmas Day he began to show signs that he was going downhill again and he went back to horsepital for further tests, treatment and monitoring. We’ve had all hooves crossed he’ll be with us again very soon and it looks like he’ll be coming back to his horse family in the next few days.

Sanctuary News

The humans have put up some new wooden boards on our fences – they look very interesting and the wrong side of them has writing on – I’m sure they need a bit of a nibble. The humans say they’re field names and that they’ll save them a lot of time. This has taken some serious comtemplating, I can tell you, but guess I can undertsand what they mean – it’s so much easier to ask people to find ‘Muffin’ than ‘the very handsome and beautifully-formed, highly intelligent and very important person in the donkeys’ field.’

Earlier in the month, we had a very special visit from a man dressed all in red, with a white mane. Lots of foals and their families also came to meet him and Cloud dressed up as a reinpony. It was a very busy day. According to the humans, this raised over £1,500 in pony nut tokens, so thank you to everyone who helped, donated and came on the day.

The humans have also given me a huge list of people to thank – I really am very, very touched that you’ve all been to kind. If I’ve missed anyone, I’m so sorry – the humans are sometimes rubbish at communication. They seriously need to brush up on their neighoring. Thank you to:

  • Vet Way for donating six months’ supply of disinfectant and equine healthcare products
  • Five Lanes Primary School for the huge box of carrots
  • Robin Hood Horse & Country Store for a massive donation of feed
  • Chapel Town Scouts for their fundraising
  • Pure Feeds for 100 bags of Christmas Pony Treats
  • Lingbob Livery Stables for undertaking a Christmas Ride to raise funds for us
  • Suzie and Maisy Buttress for setting up a justgiving page in memory of their pony, Rosie, to raise funds for our pony nuts and feed at the sanctuary
  • Badsworth Pony Club for fundraising at their Christmas rally
  • ALL OUR AMAZING VOLUNTEERS, who turn out in all weathers and do all sorts of jobs to help look after us and help raise money to buy pony nuts and feed as well.

Well, that’s it for this year.

I wish you a very Happy New Year and health and happiness to everyone.

Just thought I’d leave you with a couple of pics of Cloud and Sago looking silly.

Love Muffin xx