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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for April
30 Apr
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Muffin’s Monthly Musings for April

I muse to you from a much warmer place than last month…. well, the same place, but it’s starting to feel like Spring may actually be here. Even the green stuff is now growing consistently (YUM!)

Horse News

Tino is now brave enough to be turned out – so I’ve finally met the superstar! Although I still have some concerns about him stealing my public, now I know him, he’s so lovely and has been through so much that I can’t begrudge him a little of my attention. Anyway, my fans give him a stroke then wander up to see me, so I’m happy to share. He’s settling in very well in his field and is becoming best friends with Ruben, which is good, as Ruben no longer has Fagan and Harry to play with and he does love to play!

Even though our lives are tranquil here, the humans are always organising something for us to do. Since my last Musing, for example, Tino has had his regular blood tests for protein levels, Bernie, Banjo and Jessie had their teeth looked at, the hoof-tickling human has visited and some of my other friends have been stabbed (the humans call it vaccinated.) Polly has even had a haircut for the summer and treatment for her skin allergy.

We have a new colt foal, Sebastian, who is quite a character. He hasn’t had his ‘little boy’s’ operation yet, so the humans are very careful making sure he is safe and not likely to jump over the fences to see my girlfriends.

We also have new a donkey since my last Musing, called Ned. He was Lilac‘s friend in her last home and he was missing her so much when she came to the sanctuary that his humans asked if he could come here as well. I haven’t really met him yet, as he and Lilac have been in their own field together, but my donkey half already likes the look of him.

You already know that my humans try to find new, loving homes for most of the ponies and donkeys who come to the sanctuary. You may not know that sometimes some of my friends come back here, through no fault of their own. Usually this is when their home humans’ circumstances change, meaning they can no longer look after a pony. This has recently happened to three of my friends, which is very worrying for them (and for me, as it means they may come back and expect to share MY grass!!) If you can give a home to one of  my rescued friends, please get in touch with my humans.

Sago and Cloud have been venturing out and about, meeting new friends again – this time Cloud at Farsley Farmer’s Market and Sago at the Headingley Stadium, meeting Terry the Tyke, the Leeds Rugby Union mascot. I have to give it to Sago – he’s one cool dude not to be scared of Terry!

Billy and Jessie have both found a new homes, families and friends – the start of fabulous new loves for each of them.

Jessie’s new friend is huge and she’s meeting him over the fence to start with, so they can get used to each other before they’re turned out together, which I’m sure will be very soon.

Sanctuary News

The humans’ big stable (they call it a Visitor Centre) has been updated and it’s very smart …. still no grass, but the humans don’t seem to mind. It’s open at weekends and bank holidays, and there’s human drinks and food, so do call in when you come to visit me – there’s even some irresistible gifts with pics of me, which I know you’ll want to take home with you.

Enough – the fresh, and very sweet, new green stuff is calling and my tummy is feeling thin.

Till next month ….. Love Muffin xx