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Lenny winter 2013.

Lenny is a cheeky young piebald gelding who came to us last year. He was brought to us as he was an unwanted prize in a bet! He was barely 4 weeks old and way too young to be away from his mum. Fortunately we found him a fantastic foster home with a mare who raised him as her own and let him suckle until he was old enough to be weaned and return back to us at Hope Pastures. He is now looking for his forever home with somebody who can spend lots of time with him. He is currently in a foster home where he has been gelded and is spending lots of time being groomed and learning to pick up his feet. Once he is old enough Lenny could be broken in and make a fantastic ridden pony.

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Lenny summer 2014

HeightWill make 13HH+
Stabling/ShelterCould live out with rugs and shelter.
Bedding requiredStraw or shavings
To catch in the fieldGood
Turn outCan mix with mares and geldings.
FeetGood with picking up his feet.
RugsWill need turnout rugs over the winter.
Loan fee£100
Future useCompanion. Could be backed to ride or drive once old enough