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Help More Eyes Have Hope
27 Nov
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Help More Eyes Have Hope

‘The eye is the window of the soul’……whether an animal’s worried or happy, you see it in their eyes. Please help us to give hope to more eyes this #givingtuesday.

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Hope at rescue

Bessie at rescue










When we rescue a horse or pony, their eyes tell us so much – they’re scared and uncertain, often downcast and covered in sores.  Hope and Bessie’s eyes are some of the less disturbing examples of the ones we see.

Today is #givingtuesday. The blurb tells us this is the day ‘to do good stuff for charity’ in the run-up to Christmas.

You can do MORE than just ‘good stuff’ – you can DIRECTLY give more hope to more animals. Hope Pastures is a small charity, which means we use very little of your donation in overheads, so a massive 95p of every £1 you donate is spent directly on helping more animals have hope in their eyes.

If you could donate to cover one or more of our costs, then you will help us to give ‘hope’ to more equines.

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Typical costs for a rescued horse/pony/donkey include:

  • £2 for a bale of straw to give them a good bed – most have slept on hard floors and mud, many in their own excrement or maybe they’ve never lain down at all.
  • £4 for a bale of hay to provide good nourishment – our rescues are frequently skeletal and it takes weeks to build up their strength.
  • £10 for a sack of feed – to provide energy, vits and mins for those who are listless and dull at rescue.
  • £17 for a wormer – all of the horses we rescue have internal worms problems and need a course of wormers to bring them back to full health.
  • £20 for a hoof trim – rescued horses’ hooves are frequently obscenely overgrown and animals often need several months’ of trimming before their feet are in a suitable shape. “No hoof, no horse,” is the saying – half a ton of animal bearing down on a broken, overgrown and uneven foot means pain and injury.
  • £45 for microchipping & passporting – it’s illegal to keep an unpassported equine in the UK.
  • £110 for initial vaccinations – to protect against tetanus (a major issue for horses) and equine flu.
  • £140 for a vet’s examination and blood tests – to ensure there are no underlying problems for the animal.
  • £185+ for castration of colts – to minimise the production of more unwanted equines while we have a national equine crisis.

Please donate today, on #givingtuesday, and help give hope to more horses, ponies and donkeys.

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We’ll keep you updated thoughout the day on how many extra horses your, and our other supporters,’ donations today will help us rescue.


Some of our beautiful rescues’ eyes, full of hope: