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Goodbye little one

We’re sad to let you know that we had to let Peewee go over the rainbow bridge on 3rd November.

Peewee was a miniature pony (Falabella was his breed) who arrived as a 20-year-old stallion along with two other stallions. He was a really cute, wise, and gentle old pony with a gorgeous thick mane and tail and gorgeous big brown eyes.

Peewee did have quite complex health needs but after successful treatment for gastric ulcers at Rainbow Equine Hospital his health began to improve and he seemed very happy and healthy all through the summer.

Unfortunately, although his steroid medication really helped him this began to lose effect, and more recent investigations and signs pointed to suspected cancer.

This week he became quite poorly quite quickly and the difficult decision was made to end his pain.

He will be missed and we are all so disappointed that he didn’t have longer with us.

Thanks to everyone who made his time with us possible and those that enhanced his life.

Rest in peace little Peewee