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Flossie is an 9hh chestnut Shetland mare, who was abandoned as her owner could no longer cope with her. She is very sweet and loves people, but can be a little bossy to the other ponies when there is food around. Unfortunately she was born with deformed hind legs, and it was recommended she be put to sleep when she was born to avoid unnecessary suffering. Fortunately for her her owner at the time decided to give her a chance and she is now happy and able to run and kick as well as all the others, however she can never be ridden.

January 2012
Flossie is so settled and happy with her new friend Holly , and she is
coping well on her wonky hind legs and is in good health altogether.
Flossie and Holly share their paddock with Jasper and Timmy and they like to boss the boys around!

Spring 2010 
Flossie is fine and she is still coping well with her hind legs, at times she becomes tired on them so we bring her in for a rest and give her some anti-inflammatories, which seems to help.
She is still sharing a paddock with Jasper and Gypsy and is still the boss there, and she is currently getting lots of extra attention as fly sprays and lotions are applied to prevent her Sweet-Itch from becoming too bad.

November 08
 Flossie has been really well behaved apart from her bossy antics with her field mates, she likes to show jasper, Thelwell and Gypsy that she is in charge when there is food around and when it is time to come in for tea she is always at the front of the queue!
 Flossie, like Gypsy was bought  a new rain coat by one of our kind staff as the wet weather meant that her skin was becoming itchy, it is a lovely purple colour and has really helped to keep her from rubbing her fur too much.
She was great for the farrier and has been a very helpful girl on pony days where she allowed the children to pamper her and make her look pretty.