We believe every equine
deserves a life worth living.

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Hope Pastures

We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home horses, ponies and donkeys. The sanctuary is open to the public every day free of charge and we run fun and educational activities for families and groups.
Hope Pastures
Hope Pastures
Please support our rescue work by purchasing tickets either online from our website www.hopepastures.org (under the adopt and shop tab)
From our visitors centre, or from Discount Feeds, The Country Store at Collingham, Millbry Hill, and Rabbit_hill_country_store
all the money made from this raffle comes directly to Hope Pastures
Hope Pastures
Hope Pastures
Rafael showing off his β€˜Downward facing pony’ yoga pose πŸ₯°
How lovely it is to see such a previously nervous pony chilling out so happily πŸ’•
Hope Pastures
Hope Pastures
Open EVERY DAY – come along and visit us !
We have a lovely visitors centre and lots of equine friends to meet
10-3pm every day
Our celebration garden is a peaceful place to relax and watch the equines
Hope Pastures
Hope Pastures
We are really excited to announce our first ever book launch event at Hope Pastures!
Grace Olson – Author has written a great book called β€˜The Yard’
You may remember our rescued β€˜Horse Family’ of which the mum horse was β€˜Belle’
Belle now lives with Grace and she’s so happy in her home.
As well as the book launch there will be some stalls with crafts and various bits and bobs and CAKE!
Grace has very generously offered to donate a % of her book sales to Hope Pastures!
Please share and attend if you can.