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  • Under training * Available later  in 2021* Applications welcome in advance*
  • Darcy 
  • D.O.B  2004
  • 14.2hh Welsh Section D gelding

Darcy is a beautiful and intelligent pony looking for a special person to continue his training and create that special bond with.

We rescued Darcy as a 13 year old stallion and until that point he had been used purely as a breeding horse, living with a group of mares in a herd and producing foals with them year after year.

Darcy was a nervous horse and any handling he had received had not been a positive experience for him so he was easily worried about new things.

Darcy was gelded 4 years ago now and has come along so well since then. His

 confidence has grown and he is far less reactive about new things.

Since coming to live at our main site in late 2020 Darcy has been getting used to life on a busy yard.

He will now:

  • Stable happily  (requires daily turnout)
  • Tie up to be groomed
  • Good to lead (needs time to look if something new is happening, needs an experienced handler)
  • Good for the farrier
  • Good for the vet
  • Mix in a herd with mares and one quiet gelding happily.

Up to date with vaccinations, dentist, microchipped, green passport, hoof trimming.

Darcy responds well to positive reinforcement training and is a quick and eager learner.

He does become stressed alone and needs a home where he would not be left all alone because of this.

Due to his separation anxiety, he does not travel well alone so we are working on building his confidence in this area.


Phone 07939 198519 or email [email protected]

How it works…

Hope Pastures horses and ponies are available on a permanent loan basis with a loan agreement in place. 

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Call us to view Darcy and re-homed anywhere in the Yorkshire area.

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