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13 Jun

COVID-19 Update

Covid 19 and Social distancing restrictions

We are very pleased to welcome visitors and volunteers back onto site.  We want you to enjoy your visit to Hope Pastures so in order to maintain your safety whilst on site please read and abide by the following instructions:-

  1. If you feel unwell or have any of the symptoms of Covid 19, please do not come on site.
  1.  Please observe social distancing at all times, a 2 metre space between you and any other visitors, members of staff or volunteers is necessary at this time.
  1. Please be aware that if we are really busy, we may have to restrict numbers of people on site, in order to maintain social distancing effectively.
  1. Please use the gel dispensers available on site, when first arriving, anytime you have used a gate latch, and on leaving.  Please be aware there is a small risk of contamination by stroking any of our animals that are also stroked by other visitors so we advise after any interactions with our animals hand washing or hand sanitiser should be used.  It is good practice from a health and hygiene aspect to always wash your hands after interactions with animals.
  2. We have toilet facilities but in order to ensure the highest standard of hygiene to our visitors, we will be keeping these locked and we politely request you ask a staff member for access, so we can sanitise them for your protection between visitors.

We hope you enjoy your visit, and although it means at a small distance, you can still ask us about the animals, and watch the daily routines, we are very pleased to be able to welcome visitors back!