We believe each and every equine
deserves a life worth living.

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Can you hack it for Hope Pastures?

Hack out for our ponies who can’t. Can you raise money for Hope Pastures by hacking with your horse for 50 miles throughout August? https://bit.ly/3Q7QY4Q

Many horses and ponies who come to Hope Pastures may never have experienced the joy of riding open trails and bridleways with a human that loves them.

In August it would be fabulous if you could ask your friends and family to sponsor you and your pony to hack 50 miles throughout the month, to enjoy the companionship of your pony on behalf of the Hope Pastures ponies who can’t.

All donations will go to looking after our horses, ponies and donkeys. We rely on the generosity of others to help us to carry out the vital work needed to care for them.

You can donate directly to our just giving campaign or create your own fundraising page for this campaign by following this link https://bit.ly/3Q7QY4Q

Can you hack it? Our horses at Hope Pastures hope you can! #hackitforhope