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Buddy update 18-06-23

After a really promising few days, Buddy is currently very unwell with pneumonia at Rainbow Equine Hospital.

We had found a foster mare, and things were heading in the right direction, and Buddy was drinking from her well.

Buddy has been getting around-the-clock care and regular temperature checks. We noticed a rise in his temperature in the early hours of this morning. His condition began to rapidly deteriorate, and the emergency vet visited.

It was decided that Buddy needed to be hospitalised as soon as possible. He and his foster mum, Twinkle, who has already lost a foal, are being well cared for at the clinic.

He was diagnosed with pneumonia and is on fluids and antibiotics.

We really hope that Buddy can fight off the infection and we are all willing for him to get well soon

Donations towards our ever-growing vet’s fees are so gratefully received, and as ever, thank you to everyone who had already donated to his appeal – you are all amazing, and we couldn’t function as a charity to help little ones like Buddy without your support! ? Thank you!