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Buddy update 19-06-23

Thank you so much for your donations to Buddy and Twinkle. This will help us pay the medical bill, which is expected to be in the thousands.


This morning we received fantastic news from Rainbow Equine Hospital. Following immediate care from them, little Buddy is responding well to IV fluids and antibiotics. He is bright, and his temperature is back to normal.

To make it extra special news, he and Twinkle are now fully fostered and in the same stable. Instead of tolerating him drinking from her, as she had been, she has accepted him fully and loves him.

They will remain in the hospital until Buddy is fully recovered, but hopefully, they will both be back with us at Hope Pastures soon. They will need to stay in quarantine on site until all tests are clear, but once out in the field, you will be able to see them both together.

Once home Buddy will still need monitoring every 4 hours, so we still have a way to go, but things are looking brighter!

Poor Twinkle lost her foal, and Buddy lost his mum; but out of their individual grief, they’ve found Hope and a positive way forward.

*The photos below were taken before Buddy was ill and when the bonding between him and Twinkle had just started.