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Bronte is a 16.1hh bay mare who is thought to be around 25-28 years old.

She is a lovely gentle giant who has been passed from place to place, through horse dealers, to private homes and to used in riding schools and in the last two years has had at least four homes. When her most recent owners found she had began to stumble and fall they no longer felt safe riding her and were advised by their vet and yard owner that as she was no use she would be better being shot! We felt that a horse like her who had worked hard all her life deserved a retirement home and a bit of peace and rest even if it just be for a year or so longer, we couldn’t stand by and see her killed so we agreed to take her in at Hope Pastures.

When she arrived she had a nasty infected gash on her chest where she had taken a fall in the field, and was suffering from severe mud fever which was very sore and bleeding. Bronte also was very stiff on her joints as she is such a big girl and this and her age has taken its toll on her. When she had settled in for 24 hours we began the task of treating her mud fever- this involved spending up to two hours per morning washing her legs with medicated shampoo, removing any loose scabs, drying her legs thoroughly with a towel and leaving her to stand until they were totally dry. Then we had to apply Aloe Vera creams and mud barrier to prevent ant particles of mud or grit entering the wounds. Although she tried her best to stand still this was obviously very sore and uncomfortable and it was awful that we couldn’t explain to her that we were trying to help! Over the following weeks She gradually became less stiff on her legs as we started her on a course of joint supplements, her chest wound healed very nicely and left no scar, and her mud fever is completely healed too.

She is altogether a different horse and now shares her field with all the larger residents here at Hope Pastures.

January 2012
Bronte is still very bossy and likes to hang around with Paddy, they take turns in laying down and watching over one another. She also likes to spend time with Lady and Molly and she is very protective over them, getting upset is she cant see and protect them, which is quite lovely as they are both very elderly and need a friend like Bronte to stop them being bullied and allow them to get their fair share of hay in the field.
Bronte now has a home with us for the rest of her days, as she has been passed around all of her life and is now almost 30 years old we thought it unfair to unsettle her again especially as she has ringbone and arthritis.

bronte-Jan-2010 (1)

January 2010


January 2010


Just after arrival at Hope Pastures


Coming in for tea

Spring 2010 

Bronte came back to Hope Pastures site last autumn after being fostered & cared for on a farm for a year.

She settled in well and has made great friends with Paddy and Zak, both of whom adore her.
She is now ‘in charge’ in the big horses field and always gallops down first in line for her tea, closely followed by  Paddy Tina And Willow.
Bronte recently suffered from an abcess which she was very lame with, she couldn’t keep up with the others which was very sad to see but she is now fully recovered.
She is quite imposing with her size and weight, but tries her best to be well mannered however when she is stressed she needs to be handled firmly but kindly just stop that we aren’t pushed over or stood on, she is learning fast though and seems very happy with us.