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Black Jack

Meet little Jack

He’s only been with us a short while and has stolen our hearts already!

He’s been on an unfortunate journey in life in recent years judging by how incredibly thin he is – especially for a Shetland! They are usually so difficult to get to lose weight.

Fortunately for Jack, some people who cared really wanted to help him and tried their best.

We offer a non-judgemental support service for owners as much as our resources allow and we were able to assist both Jack and his carers by providing a place for him here with us after a short stay with them.

Even as underweight as he is, he’s really bright and full of character. He’s friendly, kind and affectionate- just a lovely pony to be around ?

With careful feeding and nutrition, our vets are optimistic that Jack should make a good recovery. He will need castrating once he’s gained some weight and then hopefully will be able to find his forever home through our loan scheme.

There is a long way to go and any support would be hugely appreciated.

6th December 2022

Big day for little Jack today ?

After gaining enough weight and strength since he arrived a couple of months ago Jack has gone for his operation to become a gelding at Aireworth Vets Equine & Farm

He’s been such a brave pony all through his rehabilitation so please send him healing and positive thoughts to help him through ??

9th December 2022

Thanks for everyone’s best wishes for little Jack’s recovery after his important operation.
He’s doing well after being so brave although he did become a little poorly in the hours after returning home.
Thanks to all our dedicated staff, vet and team he was helped through it and is now back to his lovely self.