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20 Nov

Big 30 Challenge Blog

Here are just some of our Big 30 Challenge participants…


Next up is Steph, who has been a supporter of Hope Pastures for many years! Steph and her mum, Mandy, have also been getting creative for their challenge by making felt keyrings! They started out making ponies and donkeys, but the demand soon expanded to all sorts of animals and other beauties. Take a look at a few below:

We’re absolutely loving the creativity and the way that Steph used something that she enjoys doing to raise money for our four legged friends.

So far, Steph has donated £200. Thank you so much for your support, it will help make such a difference to our horses, ponies and donkeys!


Our lovely supporter Eva has done an amazing job with her Big 30 Challenge – she’s been making motivational bookmarks and selling them to her friends and family. Take a look at some of them below:

Keep up the great work, our ponies and donkeys are so thankful to have such a caring suporter raising money for them!


Local MP, Fabian Hamilton, has taken on a very active Big 30 Challenge and has decided to cycle 30 miles around Leeds. Whilst I’m sure cycling is Fabian’s sport of choice, we can imagine that it’s not an easy one!

Fabian’s first ride was 17.5 miles from Pudsey to Bingley and back, completed in under an hour.

His second ride was a circuit from Pudsey, to Bradford, to Tong and back up the hill to Pudsey again, taking 53 minutes.

Fabian’s final ride was 9.5 miles from Pudsey to Roundhay, bringing the total mileage to 38 miles!

Thank you for going above and beyond for us, Fabian – having the support of local, influential people like yourself really means a lot to Hope Pastures!


Our supporter, Blake, loves horses and usually goes riding each week. Unfortunately because of lockdown measures Blake has missed a lot of lessons, but he has been saving up this money to donate to Hope Pastures.

That is such a kind thing to do, thank you Blake – our ponies will enjoy all of the carrots that we can buy with your donation. We really hope that you can get back to your riding lessons soon, we know that the ponies will be missing you!


Next up is Gaynor, who has challenged herself to do 30 minutes of exercise for 30 days. By the end of her challenge, Gaynor will have done a huge 900 minutes of exercise, which is amazing!

So far, Gaynor has raised £35 and if you would like to support her efforts, you can do so at:

Thank you for taking on such a big challenge, Gaynor – we’re so grateful for your support!


Our next supporter, Isabelle, has been a big fan of Hope Pastures for a long time and has adopted many of our ponies and donkeys over the years. When she heard about the new challenge, she decided to challenge herself to go on 30 walks in 30 days.

What a way to keep fit and raise money for our furry residents!

Check out Isabelle’s on a few of her walks below:

So far, Isabelle has raised an incredible £410!! You’re doing such a great job, thank you so much for helping Hope Pastures in its time of need.

If you would like to support Isabelle’s fundraising efforts, you can donate to her page here:


Emma, at E Green Animal Physiotherapy, has been very busy holding a Big 30 Challenge raffle draw with her clients and so far has raised £185 – woweee, well done!

Emma is raffling off a hamper that every equestrian could only dream of, including a physiotherapy treatment from herself!

Thank you so much Emma, we really appreciate your support and really hope that the winner enjoys their surprise!


Sally at S & J Pet Supplies has been a big supporter of Hope Pastures for a long time! As part of the Big 30 Challenge, Sally is asking each of her customers in the month of January to donate £1 to Hope Pastures. 

Here is Sally’s daughter, Megan, counting up the donations so far:

There’s £60 so far, well done to Sally, Megan and their wonderful clients!!


Next up is Karen – a long-term supporter and past trustee at Hope Pastures! Karen has challenged herself to eat only ONE bar of chocolate every day for 30 days! Wow, that is some willpower! I wonder what’s on the menu next?

Keep up the good work Karen, we can imagine you’re doing very well!


Our next supporter, Lyla, also rehomed one of our ponies called Ruben. She has built such a great bond with Ruben and decided that she wanted to raise money for Hope Pastures so that we can continue to help more ponies like Ruben find their forever homes. Here’s a photo of Ruben loving his new life with Lyla:

Lyla has challenged herself to do 30 sit ups for 30 days to raise money and has so far raised £400!! Here are a couple of photos from the challenge:

Keep up the great work Lyla, you’ll have the best abs in Leeds soon and we’re all envious!


Next up is our supporter Csaba. He has challenged himself to cycle 30 minutes every day for 30 days and so far he’s done 27 days!

Well done Csaba, what an achievement – that’s 810 minutes of cycling so far!! We really appreciate the effort that you are going to to raise money for our residents.

Keep up the great work!


Our amazing supporter, Hope, heard about the struggle that Hope Pastures was going through due to the effects of Covid-19 and was eager to help out! Hope has challenged herself to scoot around Pudsey Park 30 times for 30 days to help raise money for our furry residents.

Take a look at Hope on some of her scoots below:

So far, Hope has raised £300 which is INCREDIBLE! Well done, the staff and volunteers at Hope Pastures are all cheering you on!

If you would like to support Hope’s fundraising efforts, you can do so at:


Local PT, Jamie of Hanlon Fitness, has challenged himself to complete 30 exercises for 30 days. He is asking people to nominate exercises of their choice, to make it more interesting! The first nomination from his friends was 30 seconds of mountain climbers!

Keep up the great work Jamie, I’m sure that your friends and clients will keep you on your toes!


Our lovely supporter, Pam, has taken on an active challenge! Pam has challenged herself to walk 3 miles each day, for a total of 30 days – that’s 90 miles in total!

Wowee, well done Pam! A great challenge and a wonderful way to get your steps up during lockdown.

So far, Pam has managed to raise £30. Congratulations!!


Another corporate supporter up next! Heather at Heather’s Dog Grooming has set herself the challenge to donate £1 per dog that she grooms for a whole week.

What a great way to fundraise whilst not taking time away from work. Thank you Heather, we can’t wait to see photos of these beautifully groomed pooches!


Next up is our second corporate supporter; Julia, who owns New & Second Hand Horse Tack Grooming & Rider Wear shop in Tunbridge Wells. Julia is donating £1 for the first 30 items that she sells at over £30.

Well done Julia – we love that idea and hope that everyone is enjoying their purchases from your shop!

If you would like to buy anything to help support Julia’s challenge please email [email protected] and we will put you in touch.


Long-term supporter and former yard staff, India, has challenged herself to walk the Leeds Country Way for her #HopePasturesBig30 Challenge. That’s 62 miles!

The route starts at Golden Acre, passing through Harewood House, Hetchell Woods, the maypole at Barwick-In-Elmet, Garforth, the River Aire, Carlton, East Ardsley, Scotchman Lane, Cockersdale, Thornbury, Rawdon and finally back to Golden Acre.

What a lovely way to support a Leeds-based sanctuary, by completing a Leeds-based walk. 

Take a look at a few photos from India’s walks below:

Along her way, India has bumped into a number of Hope Pastures ponies who are out on permanent loan – what a lovely surprise! Take a look at Dandy, Bobby and Bessie that India managed to get pictures of!

If you would like to support India’s fundraising efforts, you can do so via her JustGiving page:


Lesley – long-term supporter and past trustee at Hope Pastures – is very committed to our knitted pony group and makes the most wonderful pieces. Her speciality is sparkly unicorns!

For Lesley’s #HopePasturesBig30 Challenge, she has endeavoured to knit and sell as many as she can before Christmas. We can’t wait to see them all! Take a look at the photos below for past creations:

Great work Lesley, we’re loving the creativity!


Our supporter Annette really enjoys reading and decided to turn this into her #HopePasturesBig30 Challenge! Annette has challenged herself to read 30 books in 3 months.

Take a look at her books of choice with her little companions below:

We love this idea as it is so original and think that it is a perfect example of a challenge that you could take on if you had limited mobility.

Well done Annette! Keep up the good work!


Elizabeth is taking part in a more active challenge. She has set herself a target to exercise for 30 days in a row for #HopePasturesBig30 Challenge! So far she has done:

  • A 5k run
  • 5 x 30 exercises workouts in one day
  • A 4.5k run
  • British military fitness HIIT class
  • A Joe Wicks 24 hour  PE class
  • Exercise bike workout

And has raised £165!!

If you think that you’re up to it, why not give a similar challenge a go?

Well done Elizabeth, great challenge! Keep those muscles moving.

If you would like to support Elizabeth in her challenge, you can donate to her JustGiving page at


One of our amazing volunteers, Holly, has combined her love of dogs with her #HopePasturesBig30 Challenge. She is going to take 30 dogs on “the best walk of their lives” and ask their owners to donate to her challenge.

This little face is saying “is it time for the best walkies of my life yet?”

What a great way to use your free time to raise money for a local rescue sanctuary! The owners will be greeting some very happy dogs when they return. Lucky pups.
Thank you for your kind challenge, Holly!
We can’t wait to see the photos.What a great way to use your free time to raise money for a local rescue sanctuary! The owners will be greeting some very happy dogs when they return. Lucky pups.


We have such a wonderful challenge to share with you next. Debbie has been carrying out random acts of kindness and people have been donating to her #HopePasturesBig30 Challenge.

Some of the acts of kindness that Debbie has carried out consist of picking bunches of flowers from her garden and leaving them on the doorsteps of family and friends, using vegetables from her garden to make homemade soup for people, shopping for neighbours who are unable to get to the shop for themselves, baking for friends and making jam for family.

So far this challenge has raised £30!

Take a look at some of the beautiful photos that she has taken of her acts of kindness:

You have some very lucky friends and family Debbie. Thank you so much for challenging yourself to such a lovely Big 30 Challenge.

To support in her 30 acts of kindness, you can donate to her JustGiving page here:


Our next supporter, Vivien, has recently found lots of photos from her past and is eager to share them with her friends and family. She is asking people to request a photo and to donate £1 if she can find it and post it on social media.

There have been lots of wonderful photos of friends, family and colleagues which we unfortunately cannot post, but here are some photos of the pets that she homed over the years, animals that her mum cared for temporarily whilst working in animal rescue and a few of the animals that were treated at the veterinary practice Viv works in:

So far Viv has managed to raise £70!! Such a wonderful way of raising money for the #HopePasturesBig30 Challenge, providing your Facebook friends with a walk down memory lane and creating more exposure for the challenge.

Well done Viv!! Keep the memories coming.


Our supporter Christine decided to set up her very own Christmas dressage competition to raise money for #HopePasturesBig30 Challenge! Christine is very conscious of her local lockdown restrictions and planned this very carefully with the necessary restrictions in place.

Christine and the rest of Calder Farm Livery managed to raise £265!! Take a look at the competitors in their fancy dress below:

What an incredible effort from Christine, that it a big challenge to take on and we are unbelievably grateful.

Thank you SO much for your support!

Horslyx UK

Next up is our first corporate team – Horslyx UK!

Horslyx are very loyal supporters of ours and for the #HopePasturesBig30 Challenge they donated 30 Lyx to Hope Pastures. The horses, ponies and donkeys on site LOVED that delivery!! Take a look below:

General Manager – Fiona Nellis – and Account Manager – Emma Owens – have also created their own personal Big 30 Challenges. Thanks so much Horslyx! We’re so lucky to have your support.


Jennifer is our first sign up from outside of the UK, how great that we have supporters in Spain taking part in #HopePasturesBig30 Challenge!

Jennifer lives in Mojacar and has challenged herself to spot 30 different species of birds within a 30 mile radius of her home. She is even posting photos of these wonderful birds to social media. 

Take a look at a few of them:

What beautiful photos and a great way to share her challenge with us. Jennifer’s friends are donating money for each photo that she posts.

Thank you Jennifer. We love how you have combined your personal interests with your fundraising efforts.

Keep up the good work!


Kira is one of our FANTASTIC yard volunteers and was eager to help out when she heard about our #HopePasturesBig30 Challenge!

She is a very talented artist and is selling artwork of our residents to help raise money. Can anyone guess who they are?

Lots of our staff and volunteers have fallen in love with the prints and snapped up their own to take home.

If you would like to support Kira’s fundraising efforts by purchasing a print, please email us on [email protected] and we will put you in touch with her.

The images are 5” x 7” with a frame and are £5 to be collected from Hope Pastures when lockdown measures permit. If you would prefer for Kira to post them to you, there is an extra £1 charge to cover postage, totalling to £6 per print.

Kira’s JustGiving page is and as you can see, she is doing so well with her challenge and has so far raised £90. Great work Kira!

Alice and Harriet

Next, we have a team of 2 sisters! Who better to buddy up with to complete a challenge?!

Alice and Harriet are completing jobs around the house, being kind and helpful to their family. For each good thing that they do, their family will donate £1 to their #HopePasturesBig30 Challenge total.

The girls have now raised an amazing £50!

Thank you so much Alice and Harriet, your donation means that we can give extra special care to our horses ponies and donkeys over Winter!


Next up is Katie has challenged herself to get 30 people to share her Facebook post about #HopePasturesBig30 Challenge. For each share she will donate £1.

So far, Katie has reached 32 shares!

Well done Katie, this is a perfect example of how you can help Hope Pastures if you don’t have as much time to dedicate to completing a long challenge. Shares on social media helps us to spread the word of the challenge far and wide, which is very important to us!


Elenor is the very first supporter to sign up to our #HopePasturesBig30 Challenge, leading the way with her rescue pony – Elsie!

Elsie was rescued by Hope Pastures and was rehomed with Elenor in August of 2020. They are incredibly happy together and have developed a beautiful bond.

Since hearing about the Big 30 Challenge, Elenor has challenged herself to hack 100 miles on Elsie to help raise money for Hope Pastures. She has set herself a target of £100 and so far has managed to raise £130! What an achievement, well done Elenor and Elsie – keep up the good work!

Here they are together on their challenge:

If you would like to sponsor Elenor, you can do so via her JustGiving link: