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Banjo’s Banter May 20

Banjo’s Banter

Hello and welcome to our May Newsletter with 
Banjo’s usual update on all things HP.

Woo hoo, I’m so happy I could burst. We are finally able to reopen to the public which means I get to see my wonderful fan club again! I’ve so missed you and so have all the other animals and humans here. But before I get carried away with all the excitement, the humans have reminded me to let you know of some very important changes. Huh hum, now to get my serious hat on for a moment….

The team are working to hopefully re-open the site on 15th Juneall being well. Obviously, services and facilities for you humans will be limited at the moment but you can come and see us equines in all our glory, as well as getting takeaway refreshments from the visitor centre on the days it’s open. If you can, please bring your own reusable cup and of course please maintain social distancing at all times. Even us equines have got the hang of that, hehe.

Practicing social distancing.

Oooooh, and whilst I’m on about exciting things, did you catch us on BBC Countryfile? I think I looked particularly handsome, don’t you think? If you want my autograph, now that I’m a TV star, you’ll have to form an orderly and social distanced queue once the sanctuary is back open. I’m not sure how to use a pen but I’m sure I can figure it out. If not, a bit of slobber will have to do!

Most of us have been enjoying the nice sunny weather. Well, maybe the humans not so much as it’s hard work mucking out in the heat so Lilac made sure she lent a helping hoof. I think we’re all thankful for the rain though as it means the grass will grow again and the Shetlands celebrated by doing several laps of their field at high speed. Or maybe it was a rain dance; I couldn’t really tell.

Nosey and Sandy enjoyed a medicated bath during the hot weather and whilst my bestie, Coco, is recovering well from his minor operation, he now has what appears to be a hoof abscess and is sporting a lovely rainbow coloured poultice on it, which I couldn’t resist laughing at. I’m sure he’ll be right as rain again very soon!

Our humans have been adding lots of enrichment activities for us which us donks love as we’re so clever we need lots to occupy our minds. We’ve had these funny hanging things with treats in them. It took the others a while to figure out how to get them out but fear not, I showed the herd what to do! We also had some lovely Willow and Apple branches to munch on too. Yummy!

Unfortunately, Alfie has still got a bit of a cough and his mobility is poor but he’s on medication and getting a little bit of turnout with Polly to help. 

We’ve celebrated DarcyBelleLily and Dusty’s birthdays recently. Whenever it’s your birthday here, the humans make you a special little birthday cake/feed. 

We’ve also had various visits from the farrier to trim our hooves, the equine dentist to rasp our teeth and the vet to give routine vaccinations.

Nosey having a manicure

Whilst we may have been missing our visitors and volunteers here at Hope Pastures, there’s been lots of work going on onsite. The big barn has had the holes in the roof fixed and the rug room has a completely new roof. The path between the car park and visitor centre has been concreted and is now nice and flat.  We’ve also had a sand turnout paddock created for those equines who need to be kept off the grass for health reasons. It looks fun in there. 

Some of us donks have been supervising all the work, and I can confirm that the craftsmanship is of the highest standard. We were so thankful that we kept the team motivated by several renditions of our braying quartet. We were thinking of entering X-Factor next year, however I’ve been informed that they don’t accept animals so Britain’s Got Talent it is then!

In off-site news, both Ruben and Apache are being loved by little girls in their forever homes; Tom and Ocean are flourishing in their foster homes, and both Piper and Logan are doing well with their training.  

Tino has moved homes and we can’t believe the difference in him from that poor thin pony that we picked up. It just shows what a lot of TLC can do. Oreo and Rod have settled well into their loan home where they are keeping a bigger horse, Billy, company.

Tino when he was rescued and as he is now.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Ellie-Mae recently as she had become extremely unwell and very frail. She was in her 30s and on vet’s advice we let her go over the rainbow bridge. RIP Ellie-Mae. You’ll be missed.

And finally, but by no means least, we’ve also had to say goodbye to one of our humans, Kim Pengelly, who after seven very successful years here, originally as a member of staff and more recently as an acting Trustee, has stepped down from her role.

The humans have told me that because of Kim, the sanctuary has been able to make great strides, particularly in the areas of social media and fundraising and her valuable contribution will be sorely missed. On behalf of all the equines and humans, we wish her all the very best for the future. 

 Love Banjo x

Are you interested in becoming a Trustee?

We would like to speak to anyone who is interested as ideally we would like to strengthen our small team.  We are currently in the process of becoming an incorporated charity, a process many charities are going through, and this should make the role of Trustee more attractive than it has been in the past. 

The areas of expertise which would be useful are fundraising, social media or equine knowledge.  However, if you wish to support Hope Pastures in any way at all by becoming a Trustee, please contact either Lynn Gawthorpe or Alyson Wort, initially by email please, who can tell you more about what the position entails.  Their email addresses are  [email protected] and  [email protected]

Thank you. 

Be in our Donkey Club!

Just a reminder that we have now launched our Donkey Club. Becoming a Member means you’ll have your name displayed on the donkey shelter – you can choose if you want to specify that you’re supporting all the donkeys or one in particular – and you’ll be invited to a special donkey-themed event on site each year.
You’ll also receive regular updates about all the Hope Pastures donkeys and horses, and we’re putting in a special donkey-viewing area, so you can be sure you’ll be able to see the donks whenever you visit the sanctuary (no hiding in shelters!). Membership is £12 a month and your donation will go directly to help with the health and welfare of our donkey herd and help more desperate donkeys.
For more information and to become a Donkey Club Member click here

Adoption Scheme

What to buy the person who already has everything they need? Or maybe you can’t get to the shops, or aren’t able to see your loved ones to give them a present for their birthday or anniversary?

You could adopt one of our residents! For a donation of £15, we send you (or direct to your loved one along with a gift card from you), a letter from your animal, a personalised certificate and a special photo. All of the adoption money you donate goes towards the day-to-day costs of looking after your horse, pony or donkey.  

For more information and to adopt one of our loveable equines, CLICK HERE

Thank you for your continued support.

Love from everyone at Hope Pastures.