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Banjo’s Banter January 2021

Hello and Happy New Year!

Us donkeys (and the ponies) are ready to celebrate the New Year, although we still have no visitors and that is not great, we are missing our fuss and people saying how lovely and sweet we are – we have been video stars as we have been filmed by the humans and have been showing our tricks and training on live videos (If you have not seen them, they are on our facebook page – and will be rolling them out on YouTube. For those that have perhaps missed out, you can find this months at the bottom of this newsletter.)

Lilac has been bought a new rug, and she is showing off in it to all of us – equipment and items for us can be bought thanks to your kind donations and when you help us by adopting, joining the donkey club, or making a standing order – so thank you!

We were very lucky at Christmas to win prizes as a result of people voting on Facebook so we were excited to see a lorry load of supplies turn up, and cash donations.  Our humans were pleased too, as this makes life a bit easier, as last year has been a tough one.

Everyone here is hoping that very soon we will be able to announce dates when we can have get togethers again, as all of us love the excitement of the fairs at Hope Pastures, and we all love seeing the Dog Show – (although none of those pooches are a patch on me or Coco) although I am told it may be in the Summer or even early Autumn

We have some new arrivals on site and we have waved  some of our friends off who have gone out to forever loan homes.  

Bruzo, everyone’s favourite little pony left for his new home, in a lovely big horse box, and has settled in very nicely.

Belle has done really well, moving to her new home and making new friends.

We have been joined by three new friends, two ponies who have had a difficult start in life, Stanley and Ollie, who have come to us needing feeding up and some help with basic handling.


…and Sully, the one horse mud machine who is also new who has has spent a long time on his own and is now adjusting to life with us all, and the busy yard – but he is doing really well – despite the mud!

We also had to say a sad goodbye this week to our friend Toffee.  He was a lovely Shetland pony, but despite lots of work by the humans and the vet and farrier, his feet did not get better and he could not move about like he wanted to.  It is never an easy time losing one of our friends.

So for us here at Hope Pastures, we are looking forward to a brighter 2021 for all of us and we hope you are all managing this lockdown the humans are talking about, and staying safe – we are just waiting to be able to see you all again soon, to show you our tricks and japes in person.

Big 30 Challenge

Since the onset of COVID-19, Hope Pastures has suffered financially due to the cancellation of essential fundraising events. With so many mouths to feed, hooves to trim, teeth to have rasped, wormers to be given, bedding, hay and feed to buy, to name only a few aspects of care, we are now really starting to worry about the long term impact that our small charity may be facing.

To help raise money for our beloved four-legged residents we have launched a brand new challenge and can’t wait to see all of our supporters taking part!

#HopePasturesBig30 Challenge is inclusive of everyone and we are asking you to raise £30 – that is £1 for every horse that Hope Pastures can keep on-site. Your challenge can be active (riding, running, cycling, skipping, football, etc…) or can be less energetic (tack cleaning, baking, knitting, singing, etc…). The choice is yours and we’re really looking forward to seeing the weird and wonderful ideas that you come up with!

Closing date for the challenge is 28th February 2021
Find out more at

Here are some of the things people have been doing…  


Ways that you can help

There are many ways to help us, here are three easy ways that won’t cost you a penny!


Please remember to use easyfundraising every time you shop online. Over 4,000 shops and sites will donate to us, including all the big names like eBay, John Lewis & Partners, Argos, ASOS, Expedia, M&S, Just Eat, Uswitch and many more! This means you can raise FREE donations for us no matter what you’re buying.
If you haven’t signed up to support us yet, it’s easy and completely FREE. These donations really help us, so it would be great if you could take a moment to get started!


You will be asked to choose a charity. Simply type
in the box, followed by ‘Select’
Once you have chosen us as your nominated charity don’t forget to save the link to your favourites.
You only have to do this ONCE then each time you buy through the money they donate comes to Hope Pastures

We’re now registered on eBay so you can sell your goods for us and eBay will send the funds to us via Paypal, eBay don’t charge any fees for charity sales, so it won’t cost anything and the money will go directly to care for the animals. Details on how to sell for us are shown below.
eBay for Charity listings are the same as any other eBay listing, except for the blue and yellow eBay for Charity ribbon in search results and Hope Pastures’ mission statement and logo in the listing. This means the listing can be seen by everyone who searches through and it’ll get extra visibility through the eBay for Charity pages.
When an item sells there is a refund on the basic insertion and final value fees equal to the percentage donated to Hope Pastures. So if you donate 50% of your selling price to us, eBay will waive 50% of the fees, 100% and it will waive 100% of the fees.

For more information and to discuss further, please contact [email protected] or call Leonnie on 0113 261 4344.


We have started a series of  ‘Live FaceBook videos’ from Hope Pastures. As they are filmed live be aware that anything can happen as  the animals are unpredictable at best.

For those of you that missed our live video on FaceBook or don’t use FaceBook, here it is now..

Thank you for your continued support.

Love from everyone at Hope Pastures.