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Banjo’s Banter December 20

Hello and welcome to my final newsletter of the year. What a funny old year it’s been. We hope you are all well and staying safe. We’ve managed two lockdowns, where we couldn’t have any visitors, or, even volunteers during the first lockdown. It’s hard on us not seeing all your friendly faces but we’re still very well cared for by our humans, who provide even more enrichment activities for us when it’s quiet. 

Of course, life doesn’t stop here so we have had our regular bodywork, farrier and vet visits and plenty of equine comings and goings. Oh, and don’t worry, I’m still getting up to regular mischief, and so are some of the other donkeys and ponies! We’re all getting ready for Christmas here.

The humans have really missed being able to put on all the fantastic events they usually organise and we know you’ve missed these too. They really are such a big help to the costs of our hay and vets fees but the humans have found lots of other creative ways to raise funds whilst we’re not able to run these events. The humans who look after us  have asked me to thank all our loyal and kind followers, who have donated, sponsored and supported us through this very difficult year and helped us to carry on our work.

Banjo & Coco

We’ve seen lots of new equine faces here over the last year. My two favourites have to be Nosey and Sandy as the donkey herd expanded earlier in the year. Don’t tell anyone but we’re trying to take over haha!  Donkeys rule!

It’s been an extremely sad year as we have lost several of our residents here. It hits us all hard and so I just want to finish with a tribute to those we have lost this year.
We said goodbye to our yard cat, Puddy, as well as the lovely WallaceKiki and Ellie-Mae and some of our longest standing residents: KizzieAlfie and Paddy. RIP and run free over rainbow bridge.


We really hope for better times in 2021 and for us to resume activities as normal when safe to do so. Apparently you humans celebrate something called Christmas. They’ve told me all about Santa so if you speak to him can you let him know I’ve been a very, very (mostly) good boy this year and I definitely deserve some carrots.

The humans have asked me to wish everyone a safe and merry Christmas, and we hope to see you soon at the Hope Pastures.

Seasons Greetings, 

Banjo x


We can’t do this on our own. If you can make a regular donation each month,  this will help us to feed the many mouths we have and cover essential costs such as the farrier, dentist and vets bills.

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Legacies are a lifeline to us, enabling us to continue to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home more equines than ever. Due to Covid 19, our fundraising income, on which we are so reliant, has taken a huge hit.

We understand that your will is a very personal document and that there are many responsibilities and wishes to think through; but when you do decide to make a will or add to your current will, leaving a legacy to Hope Pastures means we can carry on helping equines in need.

For more information and to discuss further, please contact [email protected] or call Leonnie on 0113 261 4344.

Thank you for your continued support.

Love from everyone at Hope Pastures.