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Banjo’s Banter Aug/Sept 20

Welcome to the August/September bumper edition of Banjo’s Banter! How are you all doing?  I gave my hooves a little rest during August but I’m now back at the laptop to fill you in on all the goings on at Hope Pastures.

We’ve missed all the fun events and parties we usually have, due to this virus but we were lucky enough to get up close and personal with some of you during the exclusive guided tours recently. With all the events having to be cancelled this year, the humans are worried as these usually raise much needed funds for our hay and vets bills. There are lots of ways you can still help to ensure the future of the place we love and call home. Several of these ways are listed at the end of my update.

Our donkey herd has officially grown as our lovely friends, Nosey and Sandy are staying permanently at Hope Pastures. They were initially due to go to the Donkey Sanctuary but this silly virus arrived and that meant they were here for a lot longer than planned. Well, as they settled in so well and we’re all so happy as a herd, the humans have agreed that they can stay here with us. Just doing a little happy bray about that!

Sandy and Nosey
Coco, Lilac & Ned

The humans love to keep things interesting for us. We’ve been finding all manner of treats hidden in between the stones in the wall. We had a big farrier visit and even Ned managed his first visit without the need for sedation. He’s such a sensitive boy and has been so nervous about everything that the humans need to do – picking hooves up, accepting a rug but I’m so proud of him as he’s worked so hard with the humans. What a dude!

I’m sure my best buddy, Coco, is trying to take over from me as the Prince of Mischief. He’s up to no good pretty much every day now! He’s learnt from the best of course. However, his mischief was temporarily halted when he got a nasty fly bite followed by a hoof abscess but he is on the mend now. Meanwhile, poor Lilac has developed some mild laminitis, which is a very painful hoof condition, so she’s recuperating in the sand paddock. The little lady has just celebrated her birthday too with a lovely cake and birthday banner. 

Lilac enjoying her birthday cake

Some of the ponies have been having fun jumping over raised poles and CloudBernieLily and Raff clearly all have a bit of a talent. Well, especially Raff who decided to show us that he can jump the electric fencing too! Bernie has sweet-itch which means he’s allergic to midge bites and it makes him very itchy. The humans have been working with him to accept a fly rug to keep the nasty critters off him. They said he’s one of the most traumatised ponies they’ve ever had here and so it’s a massive achievement for him to have accepted it. Well done Bernie.

Poor Kizzie and Henry both had feather mites and have been treated for that, as well as having some physio. They also recently celebrated their birthdays – 27 and 33 years old respectively.

Top left: Henry tucking into his birthday cake
Top right: Kizzie checking out her birthday banner
Bottom: Raff enjoying doing some pole work

We have some extremely sad news this month. Our dear old friend, Paddy, was recently put to sleep as he was suffering from a variety of health issues that despite the hard work of the Sanctuary humans and vets, weren’t improving. There’s a huge Paddy shaped hole in all our hearts here. He’d been at Hope Pastures for over 20 years and was the longest standing resident here. RIP Paddy and run free.

Some good news for some of our other friends; Cherish and Tatting have moved to their new forever homes. Mary and Spiller, a mother and son pair of Shetlands arrived and have settled well but will be on the hunt for a new home together shortly. Our most recent arrivals, Toffee and Tuck have had their vet checks and the dentist and are currently in quarantine. 

Love Banjo x

Top left: Spiller and his mum, Mary
Top right: Tuck and Toffee
Bottom: Paddy 

Did you know that so far this year we have helped, advised on and checked 448 equines? We’ve physically checked on 93 sites and been asked to take 41 horses by owners who were struggling. We want to be able to continue helping equines in need but our fundraising income has been decimated this year with us unable to hold any events. 

We know that times are hard for everyone, and we don’t want to be in this position, where we are worried for the future of Hope Pastures so if you can help at all by donating, adopting or purchasing a gift, it will help massively with the costs of running the sanctuary and allow us to continue to help horses, ponies and donkeys in need.  Thank you.


We can’t do this on our own. If you can donate, even £1, or can afford a regular monthly donation this will help us to feed the many mouths we have and cover essential costs such as the farrier, dentist and vets bills.

For just £15 per year, this makes a great birthday, anniversary, Christmas or any occasion gift which is a little bit different. It also has the heart warming factor of knowing it has helped us to help horses, ponies and donkeys. It includes a certificate, photograph and the story of your chosen equine. 

You can become a stable supporter or donkey club member for a standing order of £12 per month.  This gets your name on a stable, or on our donkey club notice board and is a huge help to our welfare work.
For Stable Supporter info, visit:
For Donkey Club Membership, visit:

Thank you for your continued support.

Love from everyone at Hope Pastures.