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deserves a life worth living.

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2022 round up

Happy new Year to all our supporters, volunteers, staff and our trustees.

2022 has been another really busy year with lots of horses and ponies needing our help.

Our residents on site have also required a lot of special care and training, which we always provide to our best abilities.

We have 23 animals on site at the moment, most of which have very specific needs that require medication and lots of attention, and those with behavioural challenges due to past trauma who need our kind approach to help them through.

Whilst they are still comfortable and enjoying life, we are committed to making their time on earth happy and content.

Thanks to all involved in Hope Pastures, we have been able to:

Rescue /admit 9 animals on to our main site.
Of these 7 were owner surrenders and 2 were abandoned.
We re-homed 28 animals either from our main site, assisting owners or placing into homes or foster directly
Very sadly, we had to say goodbye to four ponies this year. Rest in peace Polly, Phoebe, Peewee and Winnie
Our welfare team have been busy too!
On call 24/7 and offering a welfare assessment service and owner support, the cost of living has put extra pressure on this service.
During 2022 we received 109 individual welfare calls or requests to take horses in.
19 of the calls were owners asking to surrender their animals to us, some in multiple numbers.

3 calls were for abandoned ponies
2 were strays
18 were tethered.
The remaining are ‘other’; these may be actual locations where neglect is common, lack of basic care, under/overweight, lame or lacking food, water and/or shelter, untreated injury or abuse/beating of animals.
Including multiple visits, the welfare team have been out to over 110 different checks over 2022

Our staff and volunteers work incredibly hard in all weather and, at times, in stressful circumstances. Their love for the horses, ponies and donkeys always shines through.

?Vets fees alone in 2022 cost us over £25,000
That’s not including our farrier, dentist and physiotherapist costs.

The cost of feed, hay, supplements and bedding, site maintenance and utilities is a huge outgoing too.

?We are proud to be an independent rescue that can prioritise our ethics and standards without any obstacles and give 100% to equines needing a helping hand in life

? Without our supporters, we could not achieve what we do, if that’s simply by sharing our posts, donating items or fundraising, or taking part in our adoption scheme and activities; it all helps such a lot!

Don’t forget we welcome visitors from 10am to 3pm daily. We would love to see you in the new year ?