Our fabulous army of volunteers enable us to make the most of the money which is donated to help the ponies. We have over 100 volunteers and we still need more! Could you spare some time? We need people to help with the following:

  1. Stable/yard work
  2. Manning our visitor centre and helping visitors
  3. Helping with children’s birthday parties, Pony Days and group visits
  4. Helping at fates and fairs, at Hope Pastures and off-site
  5. Helping sort donated rugs and tack for our Tack Sales
  6. Gardening and outdoor maintenance

If you can help, please complete the relevant Volunteer Registration Form and submit it to us. Once we have your form we’ll get in touch with you about the role(s) you’re interested in and organise an induction.

There is a separate form if you’re enquiring about Yard Workif you’d like to volunteer both on the yard and in a non-yard role, please can you complete both forms.

There is a  separate form for  Work Experience  volunteering. If you’re applying for this, please complete only the Work Experience form

Please use the correct form, as we need different information about what you wish to do.

Volunteer Registration Form (non-Yard roles see 2 to 6 above)

Work Experience Volunteering Form 

Yard work ONLY Volunteering Form (see 1 above)

Please note that for stable/yard volunteering we usually need you to be able to commit to at least half a day a week. For all other roles you can volunteer as little or as often as you like.

Manning the Visitor Centre and Helping Visitors
Do you enjoy meeting people? If so we would love you to join our team of volunteers who work in the Visitor Centre. The Centre is open from 10am until 3pm (2pm in winter) at weekends and Bank Holidays. Volunteers can work for half a day or a full day and will be required to work as part of a team or on their own. The work involves: 

  • Serving hot and cold drinks and snacks
  • Selling gifts
  • Operating a till (training will be given)
  • Handling money
  • Answering visitors’ questions
Children’s birthday parties, Pony Days and group visits

We are looking for volunteers to help us run our parties, Pony Days and group visits.  Parties run for two hours from 11am to 1pm and take place during the weekend.  Pony Days run from 10am to 3pm and are held every Monday and Thursday during school holidays. Group visits vary in duration but usually last 1 to 1½  hours and take place any day of the week, daytime or evening

Volunteers need to:
  • Enjoy working with children
  • Enjoy working as part of a team
  • Be confident around horses (riding experience not necessary)
  • Be able to talk to groups of children and adults about the work of Hope Pastures
Helping at Fairs and Fetes
We need volunteers throughout the year who can
  • set up and/or attend a stall at external events, eg: school fairs, galas etc
  • sell merchandise and goods and/or run tombolas/raffles etc
  • help at fundraising events held at Hope Pastures
  • speak to the public about Hope Pastures and promote its fundraising activities

Yard volunteers are vital to the daily welfare of the animals. Much of the work involves preparing haynets, mucking out and clearing fields. If you’re already experienced with horses/ponies, then you’ll also help with grooming, turning out/bringing in etc. Horses and ponies can be unpredictable, so if you don’t have previous experience, volunteering here will give you the chance to get to know the animals and how they behave/react. When the yard isn’t busy our yard team will supervise you grooming etc, so you can gain this experience.

Other volunteers do essential work that has a positive impact on the welfare of the animals. Running our Visitor Centre and helping at parties and group visits is vital for fund-raising and to increase awareness of horse welfare issues. Helping to sort tack for sale at our Tack Sales helps to raise thousands of pounds every year. You don’t need any experience of horses to do these roles.

Whatever you do when volunteering at Hope Pastures is essential work for the welfare of the animals.

Please think carefully about which roles will suit you – we train everyone for each role, so it’s really important to us that you find your volunteering time with us interesting and want to keep coming back……helping us in the long term means you really will make a difference.

Community Action Days

Maintaining the sanctuary is like painting the Forth Road Bridge – it never stops! We’re a really small team who have to concentrate on looking after the ponies, so we always need volunteers to help us with the regular maintenance jobs around the sanctuary, such as painting, fence repair, clearing and gardening.

On the last Saturday of each month (Feb-Oct inclusive) we get a team together and tackle some of our major jobs. We even ply you with refreshments. 10am-2pm (or as long as you can manage!) To find out more contact office@hopepastures.org, complete our Volunteer Registration Form (non-Yard roles) or just call in.

Corporate volunteering

Maintaining the sanctuary is like painting the Forth Road bridge – it never stops; so we always have a range of tasks where groups of corporate volunteers can help. These include fence and shelter painting, gardening, barn and site clearance and fence repair. We organise days for groups from 2 people up to 30 or more (we have lots of jobs!) We even ply you with tea and coffee! Feedback from all of our groups shows they find the day very rewarding.

The work done by these teams usually covers a range of large jobs which we’d normally have to pay someone to do, so their contribution is enormous. They directly enable us to make sure that 98p of every £1 donated is spent on our ‘charitable purpose’ and not on maintenance.

For more information contact kim@hopepastures.org.