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Volunteer registration form

Volunteer Registration Form

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We normally ask for volunteers to be at least 16 years old.

Details of someone we can contact if you have been taken ill at Hope Pastures


At Hope Pastures we greatly value those who help us on a voluntary basis, whether regularly or intermittently. It is the fact that we have such a fantastic group of volunteers that allows Hope Pastures to be able to deliver such high quality care for the horses, support visitors to the sanctuary and raise funds. As a volunteer you are effectively a member of our team so it’s important that you understand and deliver the high standards that we set ourselves.

When you commit to becoming a volunteer then both Hope Pastures and your colleagues will rely on you to turn up on the dates/times mutually agreed. You are asked at all times to behave in a responsible manner and show commitment to your tasks.

Before you start you will be shown what to do, where and to whom to report and you will be given an induction with an experienced volunteer or a member of staff.

Whilst at Hope Pastures you will be covered by the Sanctuary’s Employee Liability Insurance. You are, however, required to abide by our Health & Safety Policy, a copy of which is available in the visitor centre.
If you have a problem or grievance of any kind, please discuss this with the Volunteer Co-ordinator as soon as possible.

After a successful period of volunteering, Hope Pastures will be happy to provide a reference.

This Mutual Understanding for volunteers is for your information only and does not indicate any intention of employment by Hope Pastures.

  • Please note certain roles require Hope Pastures to carry out a police record background check through the Data Barring Service (DBS). This will be discussed at interview if it applies to you because of the role you're applying for.

IMPORTANT: To make sure we can find the right volunteering role for you, we need certain information from you in the 'mandatory fields' on this form. If you don't fill these in, your application won't be submitted to us. Once you submit the form with all information fields completed you will see a confirmation screen with a tick and you will receive an email from us. If you don't see the confirmation screen you have missed out completing a required field and will need to complete this before re-submitting the form.